Encounters of the Mantis Men

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A number of encounters have been reported about…regarding what appears to be a humanoid creature. It seems to resemble that of a praying mantis insect. Some people think, this isn’t a cryptozoological creature but instead an overseeing alien species – who study humans upon their abduction. They are believed to be overseers of several other alien races, who frequent our very world.

Since there are so many different mantises upon Earth, is it possible some sort of mutation has taken place? Currently, there are an estimated 2,400 different species in about 430 genera in 15 families. The most populated species of mantises are the Mantidae family.

Preying Mantis insect

They are known to inhabit tropical locations throughout the world. Mantises are described as having elongated bodies and some of them even have wings. Most if not all of them have enlarged forelegs which are used to grip their prey, as they stand in an upright posture.

Quite typically, their forearms appear to be folded. In the insect world, they are a force to be reckoned with. Some people even keep these insects as pets and they can live up to a year in captivity being cared for. If a praying mantis bites a human, they would cause them little harm, as their bite isn’t poisonous. However, what if they were larger and more comparable to us in size?

Back in 2002, the very first encounter took place with a mantis looking man. It happened at Stephens State Park, north of Hackettstown, New Jersey. This 805 acres of western Morris County, is state owned property. It is here where this amazing encounter occurred. One man mentioned, that he suddenly began hearing a sharp intensifying sound in his right ear.

When he turned, he glanced over to see the unexplainable. There before him, was a mantis man creature. He said it was between 6-7 feet in height. The color of it, was a greyish black. After a moment, this bizarre creature seemed to vanish into thin air.

Mantis Man

According to his brother, who was 50 feet upstream from him, he peed his pants. This man got into the water, to hide the fact he urinated from fear. Over time, the man has been emotionally affected over this incident. Each time this comes up into conversation, he would recall the moment breaking down into tears. This seems to help validate his story, about what he had seen.

The next alleged encounter with a mantis man, happened back in 2004. Several men were out fishing in the Musconetcong River. This river runs 45.7 miles in length, as a tributary of the Delaware River in the northwestern part of New Jersey. A lot of this territory, is rural mountainous countryside.

Both of these men, were chest deep in the water fishing. Not long after, one of them noticed something peculiar moving along the bank of the river. His description detailed this humanoid creature resembling that of a mantis man. He estimated it being about 7 feet tall, it was gangling green colored.

It’s face was triangular with large black eyes, typically seen on insects. Whatever this thing was, it seemed shocked that this man could see it. Moments later, this mantis looking man, seemed to dematerialize mid-stride.

The man claimed this wasn’t his first encounter with something out of the ordinary. He previously experienced a ghostly encounter along with a shadow person sighting as well. This mantis man encounter, didn’t seem to startle him and this thing seemed to pick up on this.

The last known encounter, took place at the Musconetcong River, sometime between July 22nd and July 25th in 2014. Mr. Strickler was driving home, after a trip to the store along the river. When he glanced over, he noticed what appeared to be a fisherman.

As he looked closer, it appeared to be something else entirely. This thing also resembled that of a mantis insect. He described this thing being about 8 feet tall, it was a pale brown color. It had a small shaped head and spindly limbs. This is what Mr. Strickler said:

“I saw something strange a few weeks ago on the Musconetcong River near my home here in Hackettstown, New Jersey. I was driving home from the drug store on Newburgh Rd. As I drove near the bridge over the river, I noticed to my left something (I thought a fisherman) standing in the river just off the south bank.

I slowed the car and looked closer. It wasn’t a person and it was transparent-like with a weird shape. It moved slowly towards the bank and into the trees. I drove further so I could see it coming out of the trees. That’s the last I saw of it.

It was tall, 8 ft. or so and had long thin arms hanging off of it. The color was a pale brown, but I could see through it! The head was small compared to the body. It was sunny that day so I thought it may be glare from the water, but after I thought back I realized I wasn’t seeing a mirage or glare.

I checked the internet and didn’t see anything about it. I mentioned it to a coworker in my office at lunch on Wednesday. He gave me the strangest look. I thought ‘uh-oh’ he thinks I’m nuts. We went back to his computer and he brought up the Hackettstown forum with the mantis man witness.”

All of these encounters are rather bizarre yet they all took place near water. Not much else is known about the mantis men, they are a newer oddity. Whether or not they are extraterrestrial is up for interpretation at this point. For now, they have been classified as cryptozoological entities.

(Source: Cryptid Wiki)

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