What If Your Very Existence Was Completely Erased?

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When we contemplate our lives, we wonder what is the purpose or intent of us being here. Sometimes we are here for a handful of moments or possibly just a single moment in time.

Often people try to kill time and chew right through their day, without seeing the small things that happened. Perhaps even one conversation or action, may have changed the outcome of other things from your reaction.

Throughout history, there are numerous stories about strange and unexplained disappearances. Why these things happened is unclear but there is a reason that they did.

One can only wonder what it would be like to be completely erased from our current existence. A person could start over with a clean slate in life and do things completely differently. 

What If Your Very Existence Was Completely Erased

People don’t realize their future when they were younger. It isn’t until later, when we look back and wonder what might have been if we did some things differently. Time seems to move slowly when you are younger but as you get older it seems to drift by faster. Time is both your friend and your enemy. 

Whatever your day might be, you can choose to enjoy it or let it defeat you. It is all a mindset really. It is important to get out with nature often it is good for the human spirit.

Take a good look at the world around you, because most people are missing out on many things. Connect with others and learn from them but ultimately you are in control of your own destiny. 

Getting a clean slate in life, would be both a blessing and a curse. This kind of scenario would be like a witness protection program. The person would be given a new identity and a place to live.

Could you never speak with family or friends ever again that you once knew? It would be such a tough decision for anyone to make. Any enemies you once made would be gone from your life as well. A person would theoretically have to reinvent themselves. 

Getting away from social media and other public places would be best to remain in the shadows sort of speak. After doing all of this, you have the chance to become the best person you always wanted to be.

It will be daunting to achieve but for some this may well be the answer they have been looking for. This kind of existence would be exciting for some as they pull off their own disappearing act like a great magician. 

Some believe that people constantly attempt to reinvent themselves in order to transform into their true self. It is a lot to think about but some have done this and have become happier in their lives. It is not about running away but running towards a new beginning.

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