Guy Continues To Get Calls For His Dead Friend

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After pondering about what he experienced, one guy from the United Kingdom still continues to receive phone calls regarding his late friend. She was his good friend ever since school. This girl stepped into his life after noticing his sorrows during school hours. 

The two of them soon became close, as time passed…they experienced many things together. Unfortunately, this good friend ended up dying due to a medical condition. He learned the news of her death after his mother told him. 

Calls from beyond the grave

She had drowned from a health issue. This guy was completely heartbroken over this and decided to share a post about this on social media. It is unknown where she died or how she was found, but the loss of this close friend certainly tormented him. 

As late September came around, he had to deal with the fact that she wasn’t coming back. He often would sit in bed all day barely drinking or eating anything.

He had never felt such loss like this in his life before. As her 18th birthday soon approached, something strange happened. He received a phone call from a random number from across the country. He then picked his phone up because it is connected to a business phone number. 

On the other end of the line, a Indian man soon spoke. He inquired about his late friend, asking to speak to her and mentioned both her first and last name. It was rather eerie to say the least as the name was correct. Unsure of what to do next, he waited a moment and then asked the man on the other end of the phone to repeat his late friend’s name. A sense of creepiness soon set in. 

He immediately hung the phone up and then didn’t hear back until the very next day. After mentioning his situation to another friend, they also wondered what was happening. Strange enough, another phone call happened this time he elected to use the speakerphone so both of them could hear the conversation. 

This time, it sounded like someone else. However, they also asked about his late friend. Soon enough his heart sank into his chest. The guy then asked whether or not they could repeat the question. When the guy asked them to repeat the question, they hung up the phone. All of it was really weird. 

The guy was very frustrated about all of this, so he decided to use a recorder and await the next time one of these phone calls happened. Surprisingly enough, another phone call happened upon the very next day. The guy wondered what was happening, so he picked the phone up and said “Hello”. Now, he had some kind of proof about the call or so he thought. They had hung up as well. 

After speaking with his cousin, for the first time in several years,  the two were reflecting back on things which had happened so long ago. Soon enough, he mentioned the death of his good friend. Of course they were saddened by the news. His cousin was also shocked to learn about her death.

Later that day, as he was listening to music the song suddenly stops and his phone begins to vibrate. This is when he really got freaked out. Another random number was discovered and he was asked about her again. At this point, he just dropped to his knees and wept in sorrow. Perhaps all of this was a sign from above. He could only hope. When thinking back about her, he remembered all the good times that they shared. 

Was his dead friend looking out for him? Or, was she toying with him in some way to let him know that she misses him as well. He remarked about her sense of humor and how she made him laugh when they were together.

When he looked back at all of these random phone calls, the numbers seemed to be coming from around different places in the United Kingdom. He can only hope that these calls were some kind of messages to him from beyond the grave.

Perhaps what is more disturbing is, whenever he talks about her, he seems to get calls asking for her number. All of this just doesn’t make sense as the numbers continue to change each time it happens.

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