Hunting camera captures Angelic spirit in Michigan

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There are many photographs that defy rational explanation. This is one of them. A man named David Z. sent in a photograph to the Angels & Ghosts website. The image appears to be in the form of an angel, with a ghost-like appearance. The seen image, was captured by a hunting camera, that is triggered by a motion sensor.

Angelic spirit in Michigan

This image has now been deemed as “Motion sensor Angel”. It is unknown the exact year this photo was sent in, although it is estimated to be around the year 2008. However, it has perplexed people for years, as they wondered what it might be.

Now, after all these years, some believe that this is the work of a small bird, that flew into frame in and out rather quickly. From this, this angelic looking ghost shape was made. This seemed to produce a winged-angel type of an effect. The bird continued to trigger the camera, producing this amazing image.

The see-through aspect of the bird, was due to a slower speed from the shutter. From this, the lengthened exposure allowed the motion sensor camera to pick up better in a darker environment. It is believed that this was built-in from the factory settings. Remember this is older technology, compared to what we have today.

Angelic spirit captured in Michigan

David Z. said this photo was taken in the northern lower part of Michigan. David went on to say, that he has a friend who owns a photography store. He asked them to debunk the photograph. He then told him, in over twenty-five years in business, this was the coolest photo he had ever seen. He couldn’t say this was fake, it was unlike anything else he had ever seen before.

Things such as this are difficult to determine because all we have to see is a photograph or film clip. It would have been amazing to see this, with one’s very own eyes. Many religious people feel within their hearts, that angels are benevolent celestial beings – who act as intermediaries between God or Heaven and Earth.

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