Secret underground bunkers are used to store dead alien bodies

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The thought of this, has compelled people for years and many believe it to be true. A number of aliens are believed to be stored underground at various undisclosed locations.

Many of these dead alien beings have been dissected and tested over time—while secret government operations continue to learn more. How many aliens may be still alive is another question altogether.

Dissected alien

According to a United States Air Force employee, they made mention that underground bunkers are being used as study labs. This employee wishes to remain anonymous and is no longer currently employed with the U.S. Air Force. Where this person worked, was at the location of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base located in Ohio.

It is here, that they learned more and witnessed some rather incredible sights. Used as a disposal of sorts, this location during this time had numerous dead aliens inside the premises. All of which were later stored for further examination and study.

dead alien location

Many of these facilities, have been well secured upon installation. How many places actually house deceased aliens is unknown, however this location has quite the reputations for being the resting place for fallen aliens. A number of these found aliens, are believed to be from crash sights and secretly taken to this location and to others for further study and action. Perhaps some of these aliens were not so well-preserved and only pieces of them were salvageable for study.

The premise of this, is similar to a science fiction series or film and many do think it is utter nonsense. However, one retired employee isn’t ready to rule it out yet, as they made mention of this. When they were 27 years old back in 1988, they were then ordered to enter one particular building. (a storage facility also stocked with weapons) It gave them the creeps, as it was winter time and three different men approached them all wearing dark suits.

Were these the infamous Men in Black in disguise? The former employee said that they went through a door that led to a large elevator where the strange men then descended down. After this, they were taken to a corridor where a vaulted door was at the end. One of these men then opened up the door. Their voice sounded very peculiar and was high pitched when heard.

dead alien

This man then ordered them into the room, it was here where he was instructed to glance inside a big container. What he witnessed was the unthinkable as he looked down to see a badly damaged body of what appeared to be an extraterrestrial. Whatever it was, had a large shaped head with big black eyes and a slender frame.

The torso of the body was badly severed. After what he had seen, he was then instructed to sign some sort of document. This document stated that he wouldn’t disclose anything about the incident, as it was top secret.

After signing this document, they were then allowed to go back to the surface and continue with their work. It was five days later, when they were shown these dead aliens inside the container. The entire story is quite amazing, whether or not it is true is unknown yet it makes you wonder what might be going on under our feet.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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