Costumed Ghosts Help Enforce Coronavirus Lock-downs In India

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It was quite a sight to see for most folks living in the Indian village of Odisha. Particularly, one woman was spotted wearing a black sari dressed up as a spectre of sorts walking the streets. This was done to help keep people away from one another during the pandemic. She notably had long flowing black hair and white chalky skin, which gave her a spooky appearance. 

Costumed ghost India Coronavirus lockdown

Most people living in this part of the world know about paranormal activity. These spirits are known as “pocong” and are considered trapped souls of the dead in Indonesian folklore. With each step this woman takes, many people here were at the very least startled at what they had seen. 

Since these costumed ghosts have appeared on the streets, many people have not left their homes. It seems this tactic is working to control some people to stay away from one another. Nowadays, people have no longer gathered to say their prayers during the evening hours.

While outsiders may find these people amusing, others are more superstitious about it. They want no part of these kinds of events. 

“Residents still lack awareness about how to curb the spread of Covid-19 disease,” the head of Kepuh village told Reuters. “They want to live like normal so it is very difficult for them to follow the instruction to stay at home.”

These unconventional methods seem to be working to some degree. At the very least, this is helping to raise awareness that people are in some kind of danger in certain situations, while the virus is still a threat to societies around the world. 

In some parts of the country of India, the police have been seen wearing “virus helmets” to ward people away from uncertain danger.

From what is understood, those who dress up as ghostly spirits are volunteering their time to do so. How effective all of this will be long term is uncertain, but it seems to be working for now.

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries and BBC News)

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