Lost Hiker Says Ancestral Spirits Saved His Life

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A man ventured out into the wilderness and unknowingly lost his way. His name is Soong Rui-xiong and he believes that ancestral spirits saved his life. They guided him back towards safety. 

While exploring a path in the wild, his cell phone died leaving him without any kind of navigation. Eventually, a massive search took place as 284 people went looking for him. Around 111 of them were police and fire officials, who scoured the mountains to find him. The search party included several helicopters. 

Soong Rui-xiong had been missing for 10 days, he even attempted to climb a rock wall during his disappearance and inadvertently lost his glasses from falling. Battered and bruised, he kept pressing forward. Seeking some sort of refuge, Soong Rui-xiong said he stayed inside a cave for several days.

He had no idea where he was for some time. Thinking about the situation, he would end up wandering back down the mountain to flatter land after leaving the cave.

This was thanks to a mysterious couple who he met along the way. He seemingly followed them for around two hours and as he ended up losing sight of them, they were nowhere to be found. According to him, they disappeared into thin air nowhere to be found. Soong said he even went looking for them briefly. 

Pressing forward, he then spotted a trail that led back towards the foothills of the mountain, where people might be. The entire experience is something that he will never forget. Soong said that these people were the spirits of previous Taiwanese people who once inhabited the region.

Speculations are, the couple who guided him could have been angels in disguise. Moments like these are often rather unexplainable. There have been many encounters with ghosts and/or angels helping those in need. Perhaps this was some kind of divine intervention as Soong was spared an unfortunate fate after all. 

(Source: Liberty Times Net)

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