Mexican Man Recalls Crossing Paths With A Mutant “Frog Man”

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Reflecting back upon his life, a man from Mexico recalls a strange incident that happened to him back when he was only 13 years old. The location was in Durango, where different things have been reported about.

Some of them are quite literally from out of this world. This anonymous man said this area has been known for many different things including but not limited to ghosts, UFO sightings and drug cartels.  

He was placed in a military school as an early teen and stayed there for about six years. Then, his friend invited him along with some other students, to enjoy some tacos along with his friend’s father. His friend’s father is a well known rancher in this area. After arriving to the town area, they began to have some drinks and eventually decided to leave. 

Sunset came as they were traveling down the road in a pick up truck. Things slowly became darker outside and they had the headlights on along the road. He explained that he was sitting in the front seat along with his friend.

At one point, they slowed down so they could listen to the nocturnal wildlife around them. The rustling of branches brushed against the vehicle as they traveled further. There was just enough light coming from the front of the truck to illuminate the road in front of them. 

Quite noticeably, they were able to see some shapes such as the front of a small nearby lake. They could see brush and trees around by the water here. At first, they noticed what looked like a rock, thinking nothing of it they continued to keep unloading their truck as they joked around smoking (cigarettes).

As the guys kept unloading the truck, one of them said, “Did you see that?”. He then pointed over towards one rock (with a cigarette in his hand). This rock was noticeably in front of where they were. It seemed to move he explained. They looked around. Thinking to himself, the man said he remembered hearing about cryptids and other stories before. But he didn’t take this very seriously. 

Frog Man In Mexico

Moments afterward, what resembled a large sized frog appeared before them. It had a gollum-like face, with big round yellow eyes and an arched back. One of the guys there had a gun and managed to squeeze off several shots into the air.

The guys were planning to build a fire and camp out in this area for the night. Now, they had no idea what to do. This “frog man” then hopped into the water before them. It was large and not the size of any normal frog from nature.

One of the guys there, then began telling them this isn’t so unusual. This kind of creature was more of a common sight. He went on to say that his father and grandfather would often see such things. 

They then explained this is what is known as “hombre rana” or “frogman” in English. Only two of these guys witnessed the “frog man”. Forgoing their plans to build a fire for a cookout, they continued to eat their tacos that night.

All of them were creep ed out by what they had seen. To them, it was terrifying but equally fascinating as well. Of all the things this man said he had heard about, this frog encounter was the one that freaked them out the most.

To date, nothing more has been said about it. Perhaps this is some kind of rare species that evolved over time. No photographs were taken of this frog man either. However, it would be nice to know more about whatever this thing was. Maybe more will be explained later about it. 

The man also said, he has seen other strange things in his life so far, yet this is the only humanoid/cryptid type encounter that he personally witnessed. 

When asked more about what it looked like, he explained it had a monkey kind of face with big bright round yellow eyes. It had no nose to speak of and it had skin flaps under its mouth like an iguana.

It’s back was curvy and its arms were skinny. The head was either yellow and/or brown colored. He couldn’t see much detail on the legs or its feet because it moved and jumped away so quickly. He also explained, that the guys there had been drinking that night. He stands by his story and what happened.

(Source: Reddit)

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