Actress Fairuza Balk Shares Her Haunted Experience

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She is known for her roles in films such as The Craft, The Waterboy and The Island of Dr. Moreau among others. Fairuza Balk, is now 44 years old and has remained a unique presence on screen with her dark hair, pale complexion and husky voice. Fairuza is a bit of a “Free Spirit” and has a great deal of trust, for people that she comes into contact with.

Many people feel, like she hasn’t been given enough screen time, over the course of her career. Her standout name, originates from her father Solomon Feldthouse a traveling musician. When he first noticed her large icy blue eyes, he thought to himself “Fairuza!”. This means “Turquoise” in Farsi. This is how she got her name, when she was born at 3:00 PST in Point Reyes, California.

Unknown to many, Fairuza Balk has personally had to face her own demons like most do. Perhaps even ghosts have haunted her, during some moments in her life. Ironically, supernatural type roles have only helped propel her career it seems.

One of the most unusual moments that ever happened to her, was when Balk stayed at a hotel located in Los Angeles. This hotel is where she would come to stay on and off over the years. The people there, were always kind to her and she regarded them kind of like family. It was at this hotel on the first floor, when some strange things happened to her one night.

Actress Fairuza Balk Shares Her Haunted Experience

While she was at first sleeping, she suddenly noticed a bizarre fog seem to enter the room she was in. This foggy type substance, seemed to have a thickness to it. Everything felt very cold to her and at some point, even a chair was knocked over on its own. Fairuza began to freak out over what was happening to her. She recalls this as being one of the most frightening moments in her life.

Previously, Fairuza bought an occult pagan shop, which she later sold to the co-owner. She is not anything like her character Nancy Downs, in the 1996 movie “The Craft”. Fairuza is more of a “Good Witch”. Fairuza has also has a candle business, helping to illuminate our very world in her own way.

Actress Fairuza Balk The Craft

During a television series known as “The Haunting of…” on the A&E Network, Fairuza was featured. She clearly was shaken up about what had happened to her. People give off different energies, some type of spirit it seems was trying to make contact with her on that night. This series aired its first two seasons on The Biography Channel, prior to moving to Lifetime Movie Network beginning with its third. The series lasted between October 27, 2012 until September 10, 2016 and was Hosted by Kim Russo. Below is the episode featuring Fairuza from YouTube.

She is an interesting character, perhaps we will see more of her on screen again. Her latest project is Hell Is Where the Home Is (2018).

(Source: Biography and IMDb)

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