Twin Probed By Aliens Shares Her Story

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The unimaginable happened to a woman from Boise, ID. Lisa Tenney was 40 years old at the time, when she was taken aboard a spacecraft and probed by alien entities.

Lisa claims that every since she was 6 years old, she and her twin sister have been abducted. These aliens, experimented on Lisa and her sister. Even after these aliens experimented on them, Lisa says that they still felt like family. Perhaps some sort of device was used to control her emotional state of mind.

Lisa Tenney alien abduction

Lisa is now a life coach living in Idaho, Lisa and her sister will never forget their life changing experiences. Whether or not people believe them is another story. However, she was sincere about what had happened.

When we read things such as these, it makes one wonder whether or not there is any real truth to these alleged occurrences. Her story is compelling and shouldn’t simply be dismissed. There are far too many people, who have claimed to been abducted in a similar type of fashion.

According to Lisa, the more aggressive aliens were part of a government project known as “MyLab”. While she was onboard this spacecraft of sorts, her private parts were probed. It was done is an aggressive manner. Some of the aliens appeared to be “nicer” than others. There was absolutely no emotional connection made, it was very much like being raped.

Lisa Tenney alien abduction story

While her memories are vivid, she said that most of these abductions happened at night just after she went to bed. After these encounters, Lisa was left with physical scarring from the probings. Lisa went on to have 3 children and after this, she was forced to have her uterus removed. She believes this is the result of her abductions and the damage to her body.

When the aliens came to her, they would enter through her bedroom wall. They used a static electrical type method. Once they were in the room, they appeared as humanoid only without any genitals. They had large oily eyes that were black colored. Their ears were quite small and they didn’t appear to have a mouth like we do. It seemed like telepathy was used to communicate in some way without them talking like humans do.

As Lisa traveled, she used the same method as they did. A static type electrical charge was used to pass right through her very walls. One alien in particular seemed like a mother type. This one seemed to visit both Lisa and her sister most often. It seemed like, this alien was comparable to that of a medical doctor. These versions of aliens, seemed to be more friendly and functioning on a higher dimensional level.

Lisa says some of her experiences were shared with her sister, But while Lisa is comfortable talking about her memories, she admits that her sister won’t talk openly about alien abduction. For those of us looking from the outside, this all appears to be nothing but crazy talk. It is a strange story, yet Lisa admits all of this really did happen to both her and her sister. It is interesting that the aliens selected twin sisters to experiment on.

(Source: The Night Sky)

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