Conjoined India born babies die after 20 days

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Sometimes babies are born with weird abnormalities, this unfortunate formation has happened in India; where there are two baby girls who were born, but share a body. Every parent’s nightmare is their child being born with a condition such as this.
As a freak of nature, this has happened numerous times over the years, in various formations. These conjoined twin girls have separate spines, necks and heads, but do share all vital organs with two separate heads. (Overall based upon statistics conjoined twins have a survival rate of around 5%-25%) The medical staff assumes these girls won’t live for much longer.
The dilemma is these two girls can’t be separated as it is nearly impossible for doctors to separate them. Their mother is 28 year old Urmila Sharma, who has been dealing with a lot of frustration and emotional pain since giving birth. It is rather unusual how this happened, as this one of only a few only known cases recorded in modern times.
Sharma and her husband couldn’t afford to have an ultrasound done early on in the pregnancy. This may have made some difference in the outcome for these two little girls, as they had no idea she was carrying these conjoined twins.
As a very rare occurrence, it is estimated there are 1 in 50,000 births to 1 in 200,000 births. This seems to happen more often in Southwest Asia and Africa.
The overall survival rate for conjoined twins is approximately 25% but varies based upon various conditions including country of living and welfare. There are a number of different types of conjoined twins and each has their own classification.
New procedures and techniques have been created for incidents such as this; it is something that would take some collective thinking from outside of the box to fix. (If at all possible)

Update: Unfortunately, these two didn’t make it. “In the end their heart was too weak,” Dr. Minu Bajpai, a pediatric surgeon in charge of the babies, said.

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