Bigfoot seen on Michigan eagle nest camera

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Incredibly, it seems a Bigfoot was captured high above from an eagle nest camera. This footage shows what looks like a hairy ape walking upright. There are only several conclusions to this, the first it being a fake with someone in a suit and the other an actual Bigfoot (Sasquatch) wandering through the area. All of this happened entirely by chance as the Carbon Media Group along with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources—were filming several small baby eagle birds at this location.

In Beulah, Michigan this mysterious dark shaped figure—is seen on the camera walking just through the treeline under the nest itself. The Bigfoot stopped for a moment to then look around before continuing onward.


The reality is, nobody has been able to capture crystal clear evidence of a living breathing Bigfoot. Most of the time the images are out of focus and its difficult to see much of anything. That being said, it is highly unlikely someone would be entirely prepared for such a close encounter.

If one day this happens and it is undisputed, then the skeptics and believers will have something to mull over. Glancing at the video, you can see the Bigfoot creature move suddenly as it appears to be jumping on a tree branch. The estimation is this leap was at least several feet off the ground.


Many wonder what exactly a Bigfoot is. They have been classified as a mythological simian ape. Also considered a hominid-like creature. Known to inhabit forests located mostly in the Pacific Northwest in North America. Most of the time, they have been noted as being large hairy bipedal humanoids. The term Sasquatch is the Indian given name for “hairy giant”. The very first encounter with a Sasquatch dates back to 1811 of what is now known as Jasper, Alberta Canada.

Some people believe they have been engineered by extraterrestrials and placed here to guard the woodlands from mankind itself. While this is quite possible, it is an interesting theory. They are able to procreate like humans and perhaps their population is dwindling with global warming happening throughout the lands. We can only hope for good change and to further protect the environment for these creatures and the rest of us.

The famous Patterson-Gimlin film still continues to baffle people to date. Even heat imagery was been used demonstrating whatever this was was a living thing. If your interested, you can read more about this HERE.

(Source: NEWSMAX)

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