Hillary Clinton’s price of power

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Amidst the chaotic situation of the United States election has people outraged. With different things happening it has come down to several choices. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both aim to claim the throne of America. People are ultimately going to choose who they deem is the best candidate for the position. The problem is, the amount of corruption which has taken place in modern day American politics especially with the demoncratic party.

There is so much surrounding Hillary Clinton lately, that it has people questioning her honesty and integrity. Wikileaks has brought forth some pretty damning information regarding the Clinton’s. It has come to the attention of people that she is involved in a pedophilia ring involving young children. Her husband Bill Clinton who once held office of the president of the United States—is now questioned about his relationships with little girls as young as five years old. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has links with the occult.


Satanic sacrifices are happening with children who are not only fondled but even sacrificed to a satanic ring which goes deep within a hidden circle. Those evil people ultimately want to keep reign of our world. They want to control us through money and power. It wasn’t enough for them to be happy with what they already had, as they desperately crave more power and control of things.

The common citizens are outraged at the true happenings which were brought to light recently through non-mainstream media. Some are calling Hillary Clinton the Antichrist. There are grown men who have wept from what they have seen taking place not only within the White House, but behind closed secret doors. Insider sources have signed disclosure agreements keeping a tight lip about this. Even current president Obama is said to be involved in this situation in some way or another.


Money which was supposedly to be used to help Haitian people in relief; was in turn used to fund Clinton’s daughter Chelsea and her lavish wedding, which cost a staggering 3 million dollars. These people seemingly will stop at nothing to take control of our country and our lives. We desperately need everyone to get out and vote tomorrow. If this election isn’t fixed, then there is still a chance by voting for Donald Trump.


Encase you have been living under a rock and watching mainstream news reports on television, John David Podesta who is the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign (who also previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama) was found to be a pedophile. There are dinner parties where he and the Clinton’s attended dining on blood, semen and breast milk. These were ingredients which were used. Within this secret cult a number of code words are used to describe things from all the released emails involving young children:

* AoA —> age of attraction
* AoC —> age of consent
* Amber alerts —> used to track down escaped child sex slaves
* BL —> boy lover (attracted to boys)
* BM —> boy moment (time spent with a boy; could be a passing glance or a length encounter)
* cheese —> little girl
* cheese pizza —> child pornography
* CL —> child lover (pedophile)
* domino(s) —> domination
* CP —> child pornography
* GL —> girl lover (attracted to girls)
* GM —> girl moment (same as boy moment)
* hot dog —> boy
* ice cream —> make prostitute
* LB —> little boy
* LG —> little girl
* MAC —> minor attracted adult
* map —> semen
* nuts —> person of color
* parents —> law enforcement
* pasta —> little boy
* pizza —> girl
* playing cards —> threesome sex act
* sauce —> orgy

What is known as spirit cooking is a satanic practice involving weird ritualistic ingredients. There is a known cult priestess of darkness named Marina Abramović. She claims what she is doing is art. While this can be argued the process is quite disturbing. The use of pig’s blood is a way to connect to the spirit world. Cooking through thoughts rather than food. This video demonstrates her practice with the following the statement by her: “With a sharp knife cut deeply into your middle finger eat the pain”. Marina is also involved with the Clinton’s.

All of these things have been released at Wikileaks which you can further read about. Thousands upon thousands of emails have been documented with secrets being released from the Clinton campaign. They have smudged Senator Bernie Sanders out of the picture, even threatening him and his family.

There have been people paid off to appear at Clinton rallies even using celebrities to lure people there. The turn out is quite low and strategic camera angles—have been used to mask the low number turn outs. She has been superimposed upon composited shots making her seem like she is more popular.

There are body doubles used as her health is failing badly. Many things have been covered up for years and the truth is starting to seep at the seams. They have had everyone fooled for years until now. Make the right choice and vote with your mind and your heart.

More about Hillary Clinton found HERE and HERE and HERE.

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