Paranormal investigator dies mysteriously

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Gaurav Tiwari

Paranormal investigators put forth loads of time and energy into trying to capture something extraordinary on camera. With their gadgets they document different experiences as they progress through areas where most people would dare not tread. This time around, one paranormal investigator lost their life perhaps to something beyond our understanding.

Australian investigator Gaurav Tiwari was found unconscious recently on July 7th, 2016. Police reports have been noted saying his death is mysterious. It seems what killed him is strangulation of the throat and was ruled as death by asphyxiation. Dark bruising was found around his neck. No foul play was found and the paranormal community believes he encountered “negative forces”. Gaurav was known for his television appearances on the Syfy channel Haunting: Australia.

Syfy channel haunting Australia

Gaurav was born September 2nd, 1984. He was only 32 years old. He was involved with well over 6,000 total investigations in his career. Gaurav on average was doing just over 2 paranormal investigations a day. This leaves reason for exhaustion as a partial cause of his death. Gaurav also established the Indian Paranormal Society being the founder of it.

With his passions he led by example towards the darkness and the light. The spirits he chased down inevitably caught up to him. He leaves behind his wife and family. His wife mentioned that she had conversations with him stating that a negative force was pulling him down. Was Gaurav deeply saddened by his life and decided to end things? This is a possibility as well. But his actual death is shrouded by such mystery.

Gaurav outdoors

His wife and family heard a large thump on the bathroom floor the night he was discovered. Gaurav was unconscious and immediately sent to the hospital. There he was pronounced dead. His father mentioned that he didn’t believe in ghosts and the like.

However, he did say that his son’s death was rather mysterious indeed. His daughter-in-law ignored his tell tale signs of trouble by ignoring him. She didn’t think anything about it at first, Gaurav was overworked and had not taken time to rest while he was still alive. The news of his death spread fairly quick to the paranormal community. Friends and family have peoples deepest condolences.

The supernatural forces at work are something to not be taken lightly. Much of the unknown is pure speculation. Yet sometimes different things are revealed and people simply dismiss them as fraud or staged. Maybe Gaurav encountered a spirit which he shouldn’t have. Where there is good there is evil.



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