Mind blowing theory says Australia doesn’t really exist

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This theory is a wacky one, yet has gained some traction online. Conspiracy theorists and other truth seekers alike, are contemplating that the country of Australia doesn’t really exist. It is an elaborate cover up of sorts, which coincidentally changes history.

kangaroo island Australia

The country of Australia, is known for its vast interior desert wilderness called the Outback, unique animal species and culture. The major cities of Australia, are all located along coastal terrains. The population of Australia, is believed to be a bit over 24 million people. The country has always been thought to be surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. But what if this was all but a lie?


From what is known, this wild theory about Australia started on social media sites like Reddit back from a Facebook post made by a Shelley Floyd on March 21st, 2017. If this has any truth, the country was imagined to influence individuals to trust Britain. The convicts were originally believed to have been sent to Australia. In actuality, were slaughtered instead. They were sent somewhere, but not this imagined place now known as Australia. Later, a few screenshots of this post, were added on Twitter on March 25th of 2018 by @Asher_Wolf.

Statements made, claim all of this is a scam of sorts. After Britain moved their offenders outside of the country, they ended up elsewhere. In actuality, every one of these offenders, were stacked off the boats, into the deep waters of the ocean. It is believed, that these folks suffocated before they ever reached the alleged country of Australia.

This makes this one of the most elaborate and biggest cover ups of mass murder in history. Higher up politicians and officials had these people killed. It gets weirder, those Australian people who are seen and interacted with, are in actuality on-screen characters and PC produced personas. This is a part of a plot to entrap the world. If someone thought they were in the country of Australia, then they are wrong it is elsewhere.

Fake and real world map

When planes land, they are really flying someone to islands adjacent or near parts of South America. The fabrication of Australia, makes for an interesting theory. A great deception unfolds where cleared space and contract performers portray genuine Australians. Stereotypes of culture, have been implemented as well. Swear words, liquor addiction etc.

If this is true, then this revolting truth is one of the best genocides ever. An estimated 162,000 people were said to have been transported to this land over the course of 80 years. However, they were all long dead at this point. The arrival never happened. Most certainly, many Australians, along with others are outraged over this crazy theory. It makes one wonder where do all the kangaroos, koala bears and other wildlife come from though?

kangaroo in Australia

It is strange why the governments would create such a imaginary continent. Flat Earth believers, also think that Finland doesn’t really existing either. In actuality, Helsinki is Eastern Sweden.The Finnish people, are really Swedish, Russian and/or Estonian. All of this is crazy, yet fascinating.

(Source: The Life Teck)

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