Clearly seen UFOs captured on camera in Arizona

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Clearly seen UFOs captured on camera in Arizona

His name is Mauricio Morales and he was on his way back home to Phoenix, Arizona on 4/10/17. What he captured on camera, was quite remarkable—so he decided to share it on Facebook. After a few miles just past Parker, Arizona…he noticed a shooting star of sorts—which had a greenish hue to it. It was most unusual. Mauricio decided to capture whatever this UFO was, with his camera phone.

This strange light seemed to burn bright into the distant sky, it was small and orange appearing from the far distance as he noticed it glancing to his right side. Initially, Mauricio believed he was a witness to that of a meteor dropping down. However, it was something else entirely. Looking from the far distance, it appeared to set a blaze to the desert skyline. There also seemed to be an antenna type of a light, which appeared to be glowing seen in the photos and video footage.

Clearly seen UFOs captured on camera in Arizona sky

At first, Mauricio admitted to not thinking much about it for a short while—as he continued to drive down the road for another three miles. It was then, when he noticed the light was no longer there. After driving another half mile further, the light appeared again. It dawned on him, to begin taking photos and video of what he was seeing. Whatever this was, it wasn’t normal by any means. It obviously freaked him out—yet fascinated him at the same time.

When he reached the crossing between Highway 72 and Highway 95 (between Parker and Quartzsite, Arizona) he then immediately pulled over alongside of the road and setup his tripod to get a better camera shot. From this location, the UFO sighting was south west from here. What he witnessed, were six orange-reddish lights which were hovering into the skyline horizon.

Some of these unusual lights would continue fading back and forth, while other light seemed to just transcend slowly away. All of the lights seen seemingly traveled into a parallel type pattern. The was a fiery series of bright lights seen as they appeared to glisten.

Clearly seen UFOs captured on camera in Arizona sky night

Mauricio mentioned that he took the photographs and video within fifteen minutes. It was only then when the strange mysterious objects vanished without a trace. Mauricio Morales makes another mention of how all of the photographs were time-stamped and not edited. The clock time display seen, appears to be running 8 minutes fast. The video appears to be slightly cropped for a better viewing experience.

Since this happened, Mauricio said this was unlike anything he had ever seen in his life. One other thing he made mention of was, that the same exact UFO was seen from the opposite end in El Centro, CA. From his estimation, the UFO was visible for at least 100 miles in all different directions.

A news channel (ABC15) picked up the story, stating that a meteor struck 10 minutes previously. This wasn’t the case, as the difference in lighting seen in the photos—was quite different. This marks time passing in the sky different from the lighting changing. Mauricio also said, that he pulled over on HWY 95 and got footage of these lights. Afterward, he uploaded what he captured on Facebook for all to see.

(Source: Facebook)

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