Witness Sees UFO On-board Airplane Talks With 8-Inch Fingered Alien

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When we see something out of the ordinary there is a reason for it. Some believe, that only certain individuals are able to see things that others cannot. Most of the time, these people are locked up in a psychiatric ward, due to people not believing them. One theory is, they are able to see things on a higher vibration, that others simply cannot.

Many things happen, that mankind simply doesn’t have an answer for yet. It is typical human nature, to question things or feel threatened by what we don’t understand. One man named Greg Godovitz, had an experience that changed his life while on-board an airplane. He was later interviewed and a video was posted about him talking about his experience made by Near Death Experiment.

Our planet and the way society has been structured is based upon fear and confusion. Perhaps we are all just living in a zoo type environment, being watched by alien beings. Another theory is, we ourselves are aliens or the descendents of them. The universe is a large and mysterious place, with much wonderment around us.

Man Sees UFO from Airplane and Talks to Alien with 8-Inch Fingers

Greg Godovitz explained about his paranormal experiences, that changed the way he sees things. When he was flying roughly 40 years ago (on his way back from the Bahamas) both he and his wife, noticed a strangely shaped cylinder next to their airplane. This object was pointed at one end and round at the other.

This craft had no windows nor no lights on it. Not even a fuel stream streak was trailing behind it. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before and quite puzzling to him and his wife. He did note it had grey smoke around it however. Not only did Grey and his wife witness this mysterious flying spacecraft, but a flight attendant did also. The flight attendant freaked out about it and quickly made her way back to the pilot crew.

Greg went on to compare the size of this UFO to that of a battleship flying in the sky. It was enormous. At some point, the plane continued past this UFO, as the airplane pressed forward. The perspective of the UFO then dissipated as it lingered behind them.

This is when things further became suspicious, when the flight attendant returned Greg asked her what was this thing hovering in the sky next to them? The attendant replied “What was what?” Greg then said, “Ah come on, you saw this as well as we did.” During this time, flying onboard an airplane was much different. Nowadays, people have become way more paranoid about flying, due to all the events that have happened over the years including 911.

Greg reflected back and said not long after, they detoured and landed in Toronto, Canada. They were then told to stay in their seats. An entirely different crew replaced the ones who were onboard previously. This is a red flag, something unique had happened during this flight. In recent times, it takes around 3 and a half hours to fly from Nassau to Toronto.

Greg said, the original crew were taken away and debriefed for information. When he and others approached the desk asking about what had happened, they said they didn’t know anything. It seemed like instant secrecy and some sort of cover up was set in place. This wasn’t the only time in his life that a strange occurrence happened like this.

Greg also witnessed another UFO while attending an air show in Egypt. The night was quite dark and lots of stars filled the sky. He was with his second wife and watched several UFO objects track across the horizon in the blink of an eye. It was most peculiar. According to him, these were not shooting stars side by side.

Most incredibly, are the number of paranormal encounters Greg has had over the years. Another incident involved him on-board an airplane, interacting with an alien entity having 8-inch long fingers. Why these things seem to happen to him are quite strange. All of these encounters are unexplained mysteries which remain unsolved.

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