Unknown Winged Creature Caught On The Streets Of Nicaragua

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A woman captured on video, some kind of unknown winged creature – perched on a tree branch in Nicaragua. Using her cell phone, she looked over and noticed what appeared to be a large bat at first. Looking more carefully, this appears to be something else entirely. Quite possibly, this could be a new species or mutation of some kind.

Unknown Winged Creature Caught On The Streets Of Nicaragua

Where Nicaragua is located, the country has a vast terrain. With such a wide range of landscape, there is a possibility something else undiscovered (until now) could be living here. Perhaps even, this new flying species, could have come from a cave area somewhere near here. Within remote areas and the oceans around the world, new species have been discovered over the years.

If this is some kind of bat, could it be a common vampire type bat? Also known as Desmodus rotundus, these bats feed upon livestock mostly. There are numerous bat species in Nicaragua including Geoffroy’s tailless bat, Black bonneted bat and the Niceforo’s big-eared bat.

Unknown Winged Creature In Nicaragua

Some comments made include this being some kind of gargoyle come to life. Likely not, but this is an interesting theory. The woman recording this, does seem to keep calm even though she is capturing something quite unusual with her phone. It makes one wonder about it and whether or not this is for real. Cryptozoologists would love for this to be real, it would also prove we have much more to learn and explore about around the world.

Experimentation continues to happen in laboratories. This specimen could have escaped and made its way into this urban area. When things like this are recorded quite often they are in low quality resolution which makes it much more difficult to believe. There are however some videos that are quite questionable. This one is a head scratcher for now.

Nicaragua is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This Central American nation is known for its lakes, volcanoes and beaches. There are 6.2 million people living here, perhaps someone else out there happened to record this unknown winged creature.

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