911 Dispatcher Receives Eerie Phone Call

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It was a typical day for one dispatcher who worked in a undisclosed location in West Virginia. While there, they conversed with other co-workers and went about their day. However, on this day…things were a bit different.

The hours passed by and this dispatcher received a phone call from an elderly lady who had trouble breathing. Previously, they received several calls from both her and her husband from before. This dispatch operator recognized their voices. The woman explained, that she had trouble breathing. Concerned that she needed immediate assistance, the dispatcher requested an ambulance unit to their front doorstep.

911 Dispatcher Receives Eerie Phone Call

Meanwhile, the dispatcher tried to keep the woman calm, letting her know that help was on the way. It would take an estimated 15 minutes, before the paramedics would arrive at the scene. This part of West Virginia, was in a rural area.

The dispatch operator continued to talk with the woman’s husband, trying to advise him and distract him with small talk. They also continued to talk with the woman over the phone, to reassure them. It was obvious that this woman was in severe distress and had problems breathing. Over the phone, the dispatcher could hear moments of her gasping for air.

The ambulance calls back to the dispatcher, letting them know they have arrive at the scene. Once there, they ran to the front doorstep of the property. The paramedics know this woman has severe respiratory distress. The dispatcher, still remains on the phone line with the elderly woman. The dispatcher notifies the elderly woman, that the ambulance is coming to her door, she replies saying “okay” and then hangs up the phone call.

All of this seems quite typical until things get weird. The EMT and paramedic crew on scene, call back about a minute later and advises that no one is answering the door. Not long after, a sheriff was dispatched at the scene, to investigate what was happening. The police sheriff confirms the location and address. He then begins to open the door, fearing for the woman’s life. About 5 minutes then pass by.

When paramedics on the scene ask who the caller was, they were advised it was an elderly female who lived at this residence. Further communication happens, informing them that a supervisor will need to be spoken with on this shift. The supervisor confirms the information that was given to them, confirming the details of what occurred. Their face suddenly turned pale and their heart seemed to drop…as they explained this elderly woman had been dead for a while. Her body already began to decay and rigor mortis had already settled in.

At first, they thought it was wrong on the caller. However, other dispatchers played back the recording and confirmed that this was the same elderly female who called. The ambulance transferred the hospital and we got the same calls and disbelief from the doctors there.

It seems they took a call from a ghost!

(Source: Reddit by SmoakyBonaparte)

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