The Hat Man

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The Hat Man

While there have been many ghostly entities which have haunted people, one of them stands out from its appearance and that is the Hat Man. This creepy shadowy fiend, appears wearing a wide brimmed hat or fedora on its head. Witnesses have mentioned, he has no face or the face which is seen—is often blurred by its appearance.

Often ghosts appear only for a brief few moments, but the Hat Man seems different this way. The Hat Man more often than not, will hang around for an extended period of time before he touches and strangles his victims to death.

It is believed that this Hat Man ghost, seems to linger in places where evil acts have happened before. Perhaps whatever this is, may well be attracted to hostile environments and people. This sinister shadowy fiend, may find its way to different situations—including but not limited to domestic disturbances as an example.

When the encounters are reported by people, they are often overwhelmed by a sense of dread, as they wander in certain areas. It is believed that what they may feel, has to do with the Hat Man.

Hat Man in room

Another theory about the Hat Man is it not being ghost, but more of a demonic type of entity. The possibility is it may well be the spirit of a demon that haunts various people and locations. It has been reported as being intelligent and capable of both physical and psychological manipulation. It is also believed that the Hat Man is able to oppress anyone who comes into contact with it.

Taking pleasure in terrorizing people, it seems to feed off of fear and seems to also have red eyes which glow. Other instances mention the Hat Man having no eyes at all—as they are soulless dark voids looking into the eyes of its next victim. Paranormal theorists have also come to a conclusion that it may be a fallen angel wreaking havoc upon the world, as an angel of death and destruction.

Different encounters have been mentioned including when a 13 year old, got into a huge argument with their parents during Halloween—because they didn’t allow them to go trick or treating. The young teen was throwing a ball around in their room, when it rolled over towards one corner. When they looked up they noticed a shadowy tall man wearing a hat.

They couldn’t make out any facial features, as it had its back towards them. Immediately, they felt confused and scared as they crept backwards. It wasn’t until years later, while talking on the phone with their friend—when they noticed this Hat Man floating outside their window. They had no balcony or landing and it didn’t make sense happening to them again or before.

Sleep Paralysis the Hat Man

Initially, they thought it was just a dream, until they woke up after dreaming the Hat Man was at the foot of their bed. It wasn’t until they woke up from this dream, when they actually watched the Hat Man reaching for them momentarily before dissipating.

Now they are 30 years old, and recall these paranormal moments quite vividly. Each time they think about them, they send a chill down their spine. It was a terrifying experience for them and they still wonder about the Hat Man.

A book titled The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters by Heidi Hollis details different encounters of the Hat Man.

(Source: Micah Hackerman and Week in Weird)

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