Surveillance video captures store ghost in Gilford

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Chilling video footage of a paranormal ghost moment was captured on camera as a glass container flies off the counter onto the floor with nobody else around. This happened at a store located in Gilford, New Hampshire and reportedly sparked a number of “ghost hunter” investigations as well. The residents are freaked out by the video and the testimonials of the store clerks working there have triggered speculation. The video was taken from inside the Ellacoya Country Store, it captures some sort of glass cake top flying off a counter and shattering on the floor.


The glass begins to move at 0:47 seconds into the video, it is quite interesting as on the camera you can’t see any strings pulling it. This video was uploaded several years ago back in 2014. This happened when no one was around. One of the employees heard the sound of the breaking glass; she is seen afterwards in the video wandering back into the room to investigate of what actually happened. This certainly freaked her out afterward.

Though there are certainly several other explanations for this weird incident, nobody has come up with a solid theory other than a supernatural presence doing it.

This was posted on Facebook and the store owner requested a number of ghost hunters to help figure out what exactly happened. She wanted them to investigate and see if they could find any other paranormal presences within the building.


On video, it seems to be a magic trick of some sort, but after further explanation, the window is completely sealed shut where a string could have been used to pull this glass object down to the floor. This only leads to more wondering if this is for real or not. To date, this video is one of those questionable ones. This may well be a spiritual presence captured on video. Perhaps this spirit wanted to communicate with someone there and has unfinished business to deal with.

Store employee Heidi Boyd believes she encountered a supernatural event there at the store where she works and stands by her beliefs.

“I heard this big bang and crash,” said Boyd. “I walked around and looked and it was on the floor.” The owner of the store Steve Buzzota said there’s often a paranormal presence there. “We’ve had a couple of incidents where people had their shoulders pulled,” said Buzzota.

The captured video surveillance footage is quite interesting to watch.

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