This Japanese “Devil Doll” Has Real Human Hair That Grows

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Originally, this doll was nothing more than a typical doll purchased back in 1918, in Japan. A 17 year old named Eikichi Suzuki, was the first to end up with the doll.

okiku devil doll

Many feel and believe that this particular doll, is a bit different indeed. Probably the most remarkable thing about this doll, is how the hair grows on its head. Just how can an inanimate object grow hair continuously. It isn’t alive!

Certainly, people could add hair to give it the illusion that it grows by itself. Maybe they are embedding the hair into the head of the doll, while no one else is looking. This is the logical explanation about this anyway. 

When one Japanese researcher later revealed the forensic tests about the doll, they reached the conclusion that the actual hair on its head, is the hair found on a child estimated to be 10 years old. It is really creepy and strange. 

The doll was given the name Okiku and was originally taken from a child playing with a doll about 3.3 feet tall. This particular doll, was dressed in a kimono and had black eyes as dark as beads along with thick dark hair. This extraordinary doll believed to be possessed or cursed has remained in a temple located in the city of Iwamizawa Mannenji (Hokkaido Prefecture) since 1938.

When Eikichi Suzuki initially bought this doll in Sapporo, he bought it for his two year old little sister. The little sisters name was Okiku. The doll was both beautiful and fascinating to both of the children.

From what is understood, the Okiku later died not long after the doll was discovered. The little girl played with the doll each day until she contracted a bad fever which led to her death.

While at the funeral ceremony, the family wished to put the doll into her coffin but they forgot. So, the doll was taken to their home where they prayed with it in honor of their lost daughter.

After the family performed these rituals, the doll soon began to grow its hair out naturally. The Okiku doll was placed upon a makeshift household type altar, where family prayed each day to commemorate Okiku.

From what has been spoken about this, the spirit of the little girl was absorbed by the doll. It is believed that part of her sought refuge with the doll in this world. Later, the family ended up moving to Sakhalin is the largest island of the Russian Federation, situated in the North Pacific Ocean. 

Sometime during the year 1938, the family ended up leaving the doll within a temple located in Hokkaido. One priest at the temple, mentioned this doll’s hair continues to grow even though it was short before. 

He confirmed this really happens and the doll’s hair is actually cut on a regular basis. Traditional dolls such as these often had short cropped hair styles. However, over time it was reported that this doll had hair reaching down around 10 inches in length. It is a remarkable story.

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries Of The World)

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