Dallas Doctor Displays Demonic Demented Behavior

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People often become distressed in their lives over different things. However, sometimes they might display peculiar behavior out of the ordinary. One doctor living in the Dallas, Texas area took things a bit too far recently. His name is Dr. Kurt Pflieger and started to behave strangely. A CBS News affiliate located out of North Texas, initially reported about the doctor.

Image: Dr. Kurt Pflieger

Image: Dr. Kurt Pflieger

The first incident started in January, when he tried to “roughhouse” with a young two-year-old patient. His bizarre antics, lead him to throw the child over his shoulder, which he seriously misjudged. This sent the child to the floor head first. It is unknown just how serious the injury was, but certainly the child didn’t deserve this.

After a bit of timed passed, Dr. Pflieger started bringing a dog with him to the office. A number of witnesses said, he rolled around on the floor with the dog in the hallway, where everyone could see. Certainly this is not very professional, yet giving an animal attention is also very human thing to do.

Dr. Pflieger continued acting oddly, as he came to work late regularly. He would come in the same shirt and sweatpants sometimes upwards of three days in a row. One can imagine he started to smell after a while.

demonic possession Dr. Pflieger

Some people reported, the doctor verbally yelling as he was seeing his patients. These seemingly uncontrollable outbursts, would be followed up by him traipsing into patient rooms and suddenly screaming to the top of his lungs “SATAN!”. Those around him, were in shock and dismay. The doctors speech often became slurred. It was assumed, that he was either drinking or using some other kind of pharmaceutical type drug.

Co-workers were worried about him. The doctor apparently was slapping people’s rear ends including co-workers. He became very sexually excited behaved in inappropriate ways. Staff meetings were made by him, to announce his relationship status.

The doctor, also started to commit illegal activity by handing out prescription pads to his office staff. He went on to say, that they could write whatever prescription that they needed to. This kind of action is legally a federal offense. Perhaps however, the final straw was when Dr. Pflieger arrived at work crying wearing his pajamas, this is when the authorities decided to intervene immediately.

“I’m glad that he’s getting a mandatory break, for sure,” Leslie Cook, a mother of one of Dr. Pflieger’s patients, told CBS News. “And being the mother of a baby that I love so much … I would want him to see a doctor that’s well rested, happy and clear-headed.”

While the doctor seems like a nice fellow on the outside, he seemingly seems haunted by the darkness on the inside. Speculations are, this doctor is into some occult type practices or associated with them either by force or free-will. It is easy enough to speculate anything from what was reported about. Hopefully, he will find help and get back on the right track in life. Was the good doctor going through a personal crisis or was something else manifesting itself? It seems that such strange behavior has become a trend among conventional doctors. Most of their day consists of paperwork and administering vaccines and prescription pharmaceuticals to patients all day long.

Dr. Kurt Pflieger, 62, had been licensed to practice pediatrics in Texas since March 1994. It seems his medical career is now but over after numerous complaints about him. According to The Dallas Morning News, a lawsuit by a Waxahachie couple in the mid-1990s sued Pflieger for misdiagnosing their 14 year old son, who later died after his heart condition. The insurance carrier for University of Texas system, was required to pay $500,000 on Pflieger’s behalf.

(Source: Humans Are Free)

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