Man opens up portal in his bedroom

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While watching something as unbelievable as this, it really takes an imagination to create or document such a thing. From what is seen, a man has discovered how to open a portal to another location. He somewhat demonstrates this in his video. The details are rather sketchy, but he does show frequency sound based controls on his computer program which are being manipulated. After placing an object on his bed, it appears to be a light source of some sort. One can assume, it is a simple lantern light. As it turns out, this is a speaker light instead.

Man opens up portal

After fiddling around with the controls on his laptop software program, he then shows what appears next. An amazing orb begins to open up, with a ring shaped hole. It is supposed to be a portal to another location. He wasn’t brave enough to put anything through the portal opening on the video, but since this was first posted, the video has received a welcomed bit of attention.

The video labeled “Gateway to Sedona” has nearly 60,000 views already in several days and has become a fascination for many people, as they keep rewinding to watch it again. It is very difficult to believe that this may well be real. So far, the responses seem to be about split with only half doubting this.

He posted this brief statement in the description:

“I believe pretty much all of the locales I have documented are on Earth. It was close to 20 years ago, when I last went but I’m pretty sure 525 Hz leads to Sedona, Arizona.”

During the first part of the video, this man explains that a sound tone generator was being used. This particular tone, was set to 528 Hz. After this, the camera then pans around towards the bed where the speaker light is sitting. Another sound generator was used in the web browser which was set to 525 Hz.

Man opens up portal in his bedroom

This man can be heard saying they had booked a trip to Sedona several days earlier so that they could be there on 11/11/17. They then mentioned, that their friend confirmed this is what Sedona looks like. We can assume, that their friend lives there or frequently passes through the area. Now, one can wonder whether or not they are using some kind of portal to transport themselves there.

While many people are certainly skeptical of this—many comments were made, saying whether or not this man could do this live on social media on a streaming broadcast. If this was done live, then people would believe it even more. Either way, this is quite interesting to watch.

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