Demonic head captured on video between trees in Russia

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Demon between the trees

In Russia, a rather unusual sighting was accidentally captured on video. What little information is known, explains that a group of tourists were driving along a back road trip into the countryside. The exact location is unknown, but what was seen is rather strange indeed. It seems that something from another realm made its way into the woods this day.

Those who have seen this strange sighting video, have reported it being something rather demonic by its appearance. The narrator mentions seeing a wreath of black smoke above its head as well. It is rather difficult to see, but perhaps there is something there—as the image quality is rather grainy.

Demon head between the trees

While it could simply be someone wearing a mask standing behind a tree, it is a very odd scenario. Whatever or whoever this thing is, watched these two vehicles drive by. Either way, its quite creepy and makes you wonder what they or the demon was up to that day—hanging between two trees. The forest can be a spooky place even during the daylight hours.

Forest entities have been a part of mythology for years and different tales around the world take place out in nature. While wandering in the forest, it is wise to be prepared as you never know what might be out there.

The person filming this had no idea what they had captured, until they got back home later. The person in the second vehicle recording, also captures the rather rugged roadway which is seen. The video playback, slows down the footage—as some details can been seen with the demonic looking face.

Demon head between the trees circled

The face seen, appears to have small horns protruding from its head as well. It also appears to have black hair and possibly a wreath on top of its head. Was this thing being persecuted for its sins? Or, was this a type of penance being made by this demon?

How many people were here is also unknown. The narrator mentions that nobody witnessed or paid attention to this thing hanging in trees while they were driving by. This leads one to believe that perhaps this thing wasn’t visible to the human eye. Much like mirrors reflecting something otherworldly, there is much we simply cannot see naturally.

Those who were traveling through here this day, will never forget this bizarre thing in the woods. Now they have a fateful reminder of it, captured on video forever.

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