Movie Theater Worker Sees Something Unexplainable Inside Of A Storm Drain

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While wandering out after work, movie theater workers decide to cross over the countryside and proceed over to Berry Hill in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

What they did not know is, this night would be kind of different. It was around 2:00 in the morning, when they all reached the top of a hill where you can see Nashville off in the distance. 

Several co-workers went along with them and after hiking about halfway up the hill, they decided to turn around and drive up instead to save time. At this point, they were solo as they continued to walk up alone. Out of nowhere, they heard someone shout, “What are you doing here?”. 

It wasn’t long before they started to chase after them. Startled, they ran down along the opposite side of the large hill and over towards a church. This strange man was still chasing after them for a bit until he turned over towards one of his co-workers instead.

After reaching the church, they looked back to see nobody else around. They figured they lost them by now. Stumbling around in the dark they came across what resembled an open drainage pipe.

Storm drain cover

It appeared to be a storm drain. Bars were covering the front part of it that were at least 1 foot wide. Not knowing if this man was still nearby, they decided to hide down inside of the storm drain. 

Exploring a bit, they made a few turns inside and ended up about 3 or 4 streets from where they first went in. They estimated the storm drain to be about 5 feet tall, so this allowed them to move around in there fairly quickly by hunching over. Deciding to wait around for a little while, they took out their smartphone and scrolled through social media. 

About 15 minutes passed by, when they started to hear the sound of a rock getting kicked down the tunnel. Using the flashlight on their phone they shined the light over to see.

To their shocking surprise, they noticed what looked like a pair of eyes reflecting back at them. Their best guess was, these eyes were about 6 inches away from the top part of the drain tunnel. 

It was difficult to make out most details but this thing appeared to be human-like. They were not sure if it was human however. Perhaps it was bending over to transverse through the passage.

They believe its head was over-sized far bigger than a humans head would be. About a minute had passed by they estimated. Each of them stared at one another during this time. 

Whatever it was, this thing then began to start moving closer towards them. They had already been chased once on this night. Now, something else was after them, only it likely wasn’t human but something else. After this thing turned towards them, they immediately started running and crawling out of the drain tunnel.

They explained they went back to the church where their friends were. They waited for them there briefly before leaving after. While they haven’t been back there since this encounter, they along with their co-workers from the theater wanted to head back there on Halloween.

Out of curiosity or stupidity. Who knows what might happen next but likely it wouldn’t be a good idea to go back there again. Maybe they will post an update after Halloween.

(Source: Reddit)

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