The Woodlands Demon

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Living out in a remote area, a couple experienced the unimaginable. They shared their story with the Ghosts & Ghouls website. One night, while living just outside of Panama City, Florida, they glanced out and noticed something unbelievable. It seems that a large black massed entity, is haunting or living in the woods near their home.

The family who lives here, thinks the reason they see so many peculiar things, is because whatever was here before, is deeply disturbed by them being there. Whatever this is, wants them gone. The area where the family lives, was once a flourishing forest, before being destroyed to make room for their current neighborhood.

Florida swamp woods

Also, not far away behind the families neighborhood, is a large park. This recreational park is surrounded by many miles of deep dense woods and swampy type marshes. The family mentioned, that they would see this demonic looking being – just outside of their chain link fence located in the backyard.

Not being able to escape this thing, it seemingly appears in their dreams as well. It has shown itself to the father and other members of the family. Quite often, all three of the family dogs begin to bark randomly. It is believed, that children and animals inherently can see or sense things around them that adults simply cannot. Sometimes the father reported hearing loud knocking noises coming from the doors and windows of the home. It seems that whatever this is…isn’t able to enter the families home.

The family is thankful for this as well. All of this seems, to continue happening once everyone else has gone back to bed. Things continued like this for a while until one night when the wife decided to sit outside with one of the family dogs.

Newfoundland Dog Florida

The dog wanted to be walked and as the wife and dog wandered around the backyard. This dog is a female and sensed that something wasn’t right. Suddenly the dog started barking and the hair stood up on her back. She is a rather big dog and isn’t really afraid of anything naturally. In this area, there are some different types of wildlife here.

Most people do not realize, that there are coyotes and bears that wander Florida beyond crocodiles and other things. The families female dog is a Newfie, (Newfoundland Dog) they are quite large. This dog weighs probably around 140 pounds or so. She isn’t afraid to show her teeth either.

The Woodlands Demon

Later, the wife noticed a black entity appearing to bounce off the tops of the trees comparably to that of a bird. Whatever it was, this thing disappeared into the shadows of the trees. She later noted, she felt uncomfortable like she was still being watched along with her husband.

Their female dog began to attack the fence rather suddenly. Not long after this, the dog backed away and tried to herd us back into the house. There were loud footsteps heard nearby trudging away into the darkness. Using their flashlight the couple pointed it around trying to see anything but found nothing during this time.

Ever since this incident and others, the family have been scratching their heads wonder what this thing is. Speculation is, this thing is a demonic force, perhaps even being a nature spirit of some kind. The wife insisted that she planned to document these strange happenings with their camera. Maybe an update of some kind will happen. To date, no further information has been mentioned yet.

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