Woman Divorces Her Ghost Pirate Husband After He Tried To Kill Her

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Her name is Amanda Teague and she struggled with not only a lost child but a lost relationship. The catch is, her husband is a ghost pirate.

An interview was aired on “This Morning” a British television show. During the interview, Amanda gave candid details about her relationship with a certain ghostly spirit. 

Everything changed for her after the loss of her son. Details of his death were not explained, but it dramatically affected her. She turned towards mysticism and further studied spirituality.

She comes across as being rather sincere with everything that she said. It makes one wonder about the other side and what comes next, after we leave this realm.

Amanda Teague

Amanda said, “I had started on the road of spirituality in 2010 after my son died. I really wanted to know what was out there and it gave me a link to the other side. I’ve never heard Jack or seen him in a physical spirit and it was only five years after I started doing the medium ship that he presented himself – we just started to talk a lot.”

Her big regret is marrying this ghost. Some sort of ceremony was held between them. It is unknown if this was a private or public affair. It seems things took a turn for the worse, after she began her relationship with this pirate ghost.  Amanda dressed in a white lace gown when she said “I do” in the Pacific Ocean on July 23, 2016.

Amanda continued by saying,“The first time I noticed anything, was a couple of months after we got married, my health started to decline. Lots of bad luck started happening to me…This went on for almost two years, to the point where I ended up with sepsis last year and almost died.”

This ghost was more or less a kind of energy vampire she had to contend with. This “energy vampire, bled her dry”. Fearing for her safety, she decided to end the relationship with this pirate from the past. An exorcism was held and it seem so far “Jack” the ghost pirate has left her alone. 

During the interview, she explained that Jack had witnessed changes in our world, since he was alive. There were two previously relationships, that she knew about.

It is unknown whether or not Jack was part of a fleet of pirates or what rank he may have held. The entire interview is an unusual one, but certainly fascinating. 

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