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Something Is In My Chair

A photograph appears to show an apparition of sorts, sitting in someones computer chair. The photo was sent to WPCO Cincinnati but has appeared elsewhere.

Something In My Chair

A woman named Melissa Kottmyer from Florence, Kentucky shared the photo. A timestamp can be seen in the bottom part of the photo. It is assumed that this was taken on 01/01/2010 if the date was set correctly. However, this could have been taken at another time.

When Melissa explained what happened, she said unexplained noises started happening. There were even doors and cabinets opening by themselves. Deciding to take action, she setup a motion detection camera in her basement, where her computer desk is.

To her surprise, she discovered what resembles an old man walking in front of her computer. Perhaps this same apparition, is the man recorded sitting in her chair. He appears to be transparent as the glow of the monitor, passes through the torso of this entity. It likely would be considered a ghost but could be something else entirely.

Behind the chair, seems to be another figure but much smaller. Maybe this was some kind of toy or statue? Questions have since remained about this image. Is it digital manipulation or evidence of something? Were poltergeists responsible for the activity in her home? There are many questions about this.

Some people seem to be more sensitive to seeing ghosts. This might be because they are in an altered state of consciousness. This doesn’t explain why physical type activities take place around them. When doors open by themselves or other objects and there is no one else is around, it makes one wonder what really happened.

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Maybe it is just there mind playing tricks upon them. In certain moments our imagination can run wild. This happens when we become afraid of the environment around us. This photo is an interesting one for sure.

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