Viral demonic face captured on camera, leaves internet terrified

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Seen in this photograph appears to be the face of a demonic entity. It seems to be sneering behind this woman’s face. The image was first uploaded online to Imgur on May 15, 2016, after making its way to Reddit among other social media sites. There isn’t much else known about this and the woman in the photograph, has still not been identified yet. While the photo is interesting, a caption was made saying ‘Please tell me that is your shy daughter’.

Demon face in womans snapshot

At first glance, the photo appears to be ordinary enough. However, looking carefully behind this mother, sister, cousin or friend…appears to be a blonde haired woman who seems possessed by a demonic force of some kind. It is unknown just where this took place, only that it happened sometime in the evening hours. Those who have seen this, have reported feeling a sense of dread overwhelm them, as they glance at the sinister smirk of this daring demon.

The photo itself, is certainly suspicious looking. Digital manipulation may well manifest in this maddening photo, but this hasn’t been proven yet either. Understandably, many who have seen this photo, now look over their shoulder far more often than they ever did before.

Viral demonic face captured on camera

This image could be the work of a lighting trick as well or using a double exposure setting with an older camera. Perhaps even, the photo seen is the result of several people taking photographs at the same time. This resulted in this flash further altering the final image seen. The woman in the photo, seems to be using a camera estimated to be from the later 1980’s or early 1990’s. It is difficult to make out the camera logo brand as well.

If this is some kind of demonic possession, it is an incredibly caught moment on camera. Dark forces linger within our world. Where there is light, there is darkness with much that we don’t understand. Prophecies have been made, that when we start seeing things such as these, the end may well be near.

Demons are supernatural forces, which stem from various different religious beliefs around the world. They are associated with occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and of course folklore. If this woman seen in the photograph, was possessed by a demon…she must have been vulnerable to such a dark entity.

It is believed, that those who have strong religious beliefs are more resistant to being influenced by such evil forces. The next time you get angry, think about how worked up you were over something so meaningless. It may have been a demonic force, further influencing your very thoughts and actions.

Obsessions and possessions by the devil itself, are set in place by the ranks of apparitions and other evil spirits existing among humans. We blindly cannot see them, yet they urge our dark temptations.

One thing is for certain, this photo after making its way around the internet has left some people absolutely terrified.

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