Haunted doll continues to terrorize those around it

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When someone buys a doll, they expect it to be something to treasure and admire for years. However, what if the doll is haunted? This is exactly what a 50 year old woman, from the United Kingdom believes.

Debbie Merrick

She bought three different dolls for around $6 dollars from a second hand charity shop. Perhaps it was one of her biggest mistakes in life so far. Debbie Merrick is the woman’s name and every since the dolls were brought back home, one of them has plagued not only her, but her family as well.

This doll seems innocent enough at first, but she says that it is responsible for smoke alarms going off on occasion. Strange sounds can be heard randomly, as the doll seemingly moves around by itself. Whoever once had this doll, is no doubt a tormented soul.

Paul Merrick

Strangely, Debbie’s husband Paul found scratches covering his leg and later said the markings were roughly the same size as Debbie’s dolls hand! She and her husband believe, this isn’t anything else but a supernatural occurrence.

Paul Merrick leg haunted doll attack

In an incredible coincidence, Debbie’s husband happens to be friends with a psychic medium, who later visited their home. This psychic medium, was deeply disturbed by this unusual doll.

Later, they explained that this doll has what is known as a nefarious (wicked) spirit inside of it. After so much strangeness happening, the couple decided to put the doll inside a storage container—which was later placed in their garage.

At this point, they hoped this was the last time they ever would see this haunted doll. Debbie said this china doll has been is terrorizing her in other ways, by giving her nightmares. This doll, would appear in different spots around their home. It had somehow managed to remove a necklace which was once wrapped around its neck at different time periods.

Haunted doll on eBay

For whatever reason, they decided not to try and destroy the doll but to place it up for auction online. The doll was placed on eBay. It was up for cheap, as they desperately wanted to get rid of this thorn in their side.

While it is easy enough to doubt a story such as this, the doll was later sold to ghost hunter Lee Steer. He bought it from the family for just over $1,000 dollars. However, after purchasing this unusual doll, he found out that what they were saying was really true. It seems this doll is cursed or has become a vessel for evil.

Haunted doll in the UK

Not more than two days after buying the doll, Lee Steer said his father was inflicted with a series of scratches on his arm. These same markings, are comparable to the ones which were found on the leg of Debbie’s husband. From what Lee said, this was only one of several strange events that took place in his home. Lights began flickering randomly and sounds were heard around his home never heard before.

After documenting more about the doll, Lee now wants to get rid of it. Perhaps it will make it ways back onto the auction block once again. Whoever ends up with it next, are in for a real trick or treat it seems.

(Source: The Sun and Coast to Coast)

P.S. – After posting this story, this article glitched and had to be posted again. Truly weird!

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