The Amityville horror house

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wells house

This place seems to radiated pure evil, what spirits linger behind is truly frightening. There has even been a movie made about this particular house. Located at 46 South Welles Street Pennsylvania. This place is known as the Amityville horror house (Welles House).

Former tenant Walker Bennet moved out of this house back in 1983, after encounters with a ghostly spirit of a woman dressed in a white gown. Bennet mentioned that strange noises came from the attic, blood dripped from the walls and objects would seemingly move by themselves. He initially dismissed it as nothing more than some kind of voodoo. What he didn’t realize was this place was seriously haunted by a rather disturbed spirit.

Tim Wood

A paranormal ghost hunter named Tim Wood decided to stay in this house for several months after purchasing it back in 2013. Tim has 15 years experience in the paranormal field. He wanted to document the strange occurrences which have been reported since the 1970’s. Tim is part of a team on a cable access channel. They are known as “The LiveSciFi ghost hunting team”.

This particular documentary focuses on the Welles House and its history. On Saturday February 15th they broadcast the event live which showcased the home. One moment definitely stood out. Tim’s shirt seemed to be pulled by something and it was captured on camera. Tim mentioned he felt very negative about being there. It was most unsettling to look at the video and photos which were taken.

Newspaper Welles House

The history of this horror house location dates back to 1860. Augustus C. Laning was the first industrialist to come to Wilkes-Barre. After living there until 1869, he moved here and began building the new home. There were a number of unusual deaths which did occur on Welles Street.

Mr. Laning lost some of his fortune from factories which burned to the ground back in 1850. He later lost his nephew in a horrific lightning accident. His nephew was inside the barn when a bolt of lightning struck catching their barn on fire. His nephew was trapped under a fallen horse unable to to get up. He was burned alive along with the horse.

The house since it construction was primarily a rental property being rented more than 50 different times. Over time the house has been through 3 different sheriff sales, there were 2 confirmed suicides which happened there also. All together four different people died at the Amityville horror house.

More strange things have been reported including psychiatric illnesses, physical illnesses and alcoholism. There have been reports of nightly visits of a well-dressed phantom man and the appearance of a young ghostly girl who walk through the doors at the house.

Shrieks, moans and crying have been heard, scratches in groups of three and boots stomping on floors. There also was an odd discovery of human molars—which were wrapped with chicken bones and placed in the shape of a cross. They were found in a tin shaped box located behind one of the chimney bricks in the basement. There is something truly disturbing about this place indeed.

Tim’s site can be found here.

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