People With RH Negative Blood Are Believed To Be Of Alien Origin

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There are a number of blood types that exist. Each of them are uniquely different. Some are far more common than others. In particular, those who have RH Negative blood, make up around 15% of the population of Earth. 

There are four distinctive blood types, A, B, AB and O. The most significant difference between these blood types is the amount of protein in them. Interestingly enough, RH Negative blood does not have any protein in it whatsoever. For quite some time, people have speculated about this unique blood type. 

Alien Origins

Perhaps the biggest stretch is that RH Negative people are not entirely from Earth. Their lineage comes from another place such as another planet altogether. This would make them alien to our world. There are already theories about extraterrestrials living among us. They have integrated into society over time. Those who act most unusual or seem “off” may well be from somewhere else entirely.

Different characteristics exist with people who have RH Negative blood. Most of the people who have RH Negative blood, are believed to originate from northern England. Someone with RH Negative blood, can help anyone in need with this blood type. There is even a shortage of this blood made available from blood banks and from donations through organizations like The Red Cross for example. 

Further mysteries about this blood type includes its very origin. Scientists have examined and theorized about where this type of blood originated from dating back to well over 35,000 years ago. Those with RH Negative blood are thought to be descendants from tribes across various parts of Europe.

Those with this blood also share different characteristics that include having a lower body temperature than your typical person. They often have features such as red hair or green or blue eyes. They likely are sensitive to higher temperatures as well. 

These types of people are far more emotional and aware of their physical surroundings comparably. Strangely, women who have RH Negative blood have a more difficult time delivering babies compared to others.

This is because the blood type attempts to naturally kill the child as a defense mechanism. Only through the assistance of modern technologies and medical intervention will a baby survive being born by a RH Negative woman.  

It is abnormal as the human body would attempt to endure for a child to be born otherwise – unless some type of deformation occurs or something else went wrong during childbirth. It is very strange and unlike anything else known with the human body so far.

Perhaps more will be explained one day as this blood type still remains a mystery in some ways. Maybe these types of people have alien origins after all. 

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