Furry conferences and those who follow them

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People can be attracted to different things, however sometimes their obsessions are really outrageous. A unique group of people hold a fascination for furries. What exactly is this? It is when the individual dresses up in different animal costumes, assuming the spirit of a particular animal. This person will then act out their fetish on stage or privately with others.

The only time something such as this is accepted in public, is when they are working at an amusement park dressed up as a character. Known as furry fandom, this subculture is followed by a dedicated crowd, who wish to become animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Other examples include attributes such as displaying human-like intelligence and facial expressions. More of this behavior will display the ability to speak, walk upon two legs or on all fours even wearing various types of clothing.

Known as anthropomorphic or “humanized” animals, they have been around since the dawn of civilization. In Egypt, animals were and perhaps are still are worshiped some some individuals. Furry fandom is much more recognized than it once was before. One of the very first conventions “ConFurence” dates back to the year of 1989, when smaller groups of people held a conference at a Holiday Inn location in Costa Mesa, CA. Since then, the ConFurence has been discontinued in recent years.

Several pioneers named Mark Merlion and Rod O’Riley from the Bay Area of California, helped to propel furries to the mainstream. These people come from all walks of life including doctors, lawyers and more. When they put on their furry costume, they feel free and more alive than ever before.

Later in 1997, another furry conference came along known as Anthrocon. It has grown to being one of the largest type furry conferences like this in the world. A portion of the proceeds go on to fund various charities. Back in 2015, a mind boggling 6,389 people attended this event. Today, there are more than 20 different mainstream conferences being put together each year. Many of these folks reunite as friends and share their experiences together.

When someone attends such a conference, they will see characters from cartoon shows to mascots from sports teams. The place is loaded with excitement and fun. This being said, a darker side of these types of get together s are held each year of a more sexual nature behind closed doors. Where and what they do is by private invitation only.


For those interested, HERE is a Wiki list of conventions.

(Source: Week in Weird)

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