Teleportation/time travel caught on CCTV at undisclosed park

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What appears to be a man running initially turns to something else, as he seemingly vanishes into thin air. The speculation is that this video caught a man teleporting away. Where did he go? People often wonder about time travel and teleportation. We might be able to do something such as this one day. After all, technology is growing each and every day. New breakthroughs happen for modern medicine and more as an example.

The questionable video suggests that this was taken at a park. The location is unknown, however with the terrain it could be anywhere. Assuming this was filmed somewhere in North America any coastal town and city areas are likely not the location where this happened. There are far too many trees and the vegetation of the fields would suggest otherwise.


Also, a large rock is seen off to the left. Was this placed or a natural decoration to this spot? It is at this point the man begins to simply fade away. The rock seems to be used as a marker for the digital effect if this is fake.

The swift movement of this man would also suggest they are roughly under 40 years old. Also, the way they are dressed would suggest they are more likely to be under 30. More likely a college student which may suggest that this was part of a video production for their school course. Maybe this is part of a scene for something else entirely. One can assume so anyway.

As seen he seems to fade away into the forest line without any tricks used other than video tampering from a post production special effects software. The more unbelievable thing about this is the fact it was taken at a park location.

Further questions include why this was taken at the exact moment this man vanishes away? How many park locations have closed circuit television cameras installed unless crime was a real factor. Then perhaps this is slightly believable from that point onward.

Some people are simply intrigued by such videos. It certainly is fascinating to thing about, the real possibility that this was some sort of time traveler or perhaps an alien wandering through during this moment in time.

The CCTV is the only security camera seen from this video. Most definitely this camera was used to capture any foul play in this area. A camera such as this would be used to record a killing happening or perhaps a drug deal gone wrong.

The camera is used to provide surveillance to this undisclosed location. If this footage was indeed edited before being presented to law enforcement then it would be illegally used before being presented back to the public under fair use. This also raises further questioning about this scene captured.

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