Vermont’s Bennington Triangle

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This place has been refereed to as “Bennington Triangle”. Why it got this name is from a large number of people who went missing between 1920 until 1950. The place is an area located in the southwestern part of Vermont. Later, this area was popularized by several books which included Shadow Child. This novel was written by paranormal folklore author Joseph A. Citro and he first published this book back in 1987 by University Press of New England. Originally, it was made more popular from a local radio show.

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This triangular mysterious area reaches from the Glastenbury mountains towards Bennington, Shaftsbury, Woodford, Somerset and Glastenbury. This area once flourished with woodsmen before but now they are but gone. This particular area feels more like a ghost town now than anything else.


By the year 1937, Glastenbury town became unincorporated as an act of state legislature. The population also left with it. There were only 3 members of the Mattison Family who remained behind. The town was even documented by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Inevitability the town was reclaimed by the wilderness.

This place has become a magnet for paranormal activities since then. There have been UFO sightings, with unusual lights seen in the sky among strange sounds coming out of nowhere. Different reports date back from the 19th century.


The Native Americans even mentioned this place is cursed and tainted land. Wild men walk in the woods referring to that of Bigfoot sightings. Howls have been heard from the woods as well (during the night) giving those the idea that werewolves may even exist or perhaps something else.

One of the earlier recorded disappearances dates back to 1945 when 75 year old Middie Rivers went missing. He was a mountain guide during November 12th. Middie was leading a group back to their camp when he suddenly vanished into thin air. Nobody knew what had happened to him and he was never seen again. Middie knew this territory extraordinary well people claimed.


Later both police and volunteers searched for him. His fate was sealed. The following year of 1946, a college student named Paula Welden went on a hiking trail wandering through the woods. She was never to be seen again.


No clues or corpses have since turned up. Then in 1949, there were three hunters who also went missing, nobody found them either. The same year James E. Teford took a bus in St. Albans and by the time they reached Bennington he was never seen or heard from again. The following year in 1950, during October 12th, a small eight year old child went missing.

Dogs tracked his scent but it was later lost on the highway. Were they kidnapped or did something else get them? Not long after this a woman named Frieda Lander went missing on October 28th, she was hiking with her cousin after heading back to the campsite. Her clothes were wet and she never returned. She is the only person to date who’s body turned up in a field from previous month’s of desperately searching.

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