Civil War ghost captured on video

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The location hasn’t been disclosed, however the video shows what appears to be a ghost caught on camera. The information given, mentions that it is an abandoned building—which was hit by cannon fire during the Civil War. The speculation is, this video was recorded by a father and son who went exploring. Out of curiosity, they wandered through the ruins. While watching the video, one can see various parts of the building.

Pray for me Civil War ghost

While the video quality is rather poor, during a brief moment—a ghastly ghost is seen standing in what appears to be a doorway. Perhaps this trapped soul from the war, didn’t pass onto the other side yet. They continue to be trapped between worlds.

As the father and son continue wandering through the building, there is a staircase shown. This obviously means the height of the building was several levels at least. Also seen, is a kitchen area, as they walk through it and a fireplace.

Pray for me Civil War ghost stairs

Why they decided to explore this location at night, is questionable. It would be far more difficult to see anything. For this reason, it makes you wonder if this location is on private property and in a highly visible area during the daylight hours. Maybe it is near a residential neighborhood or not far from one.

People question whether or not this is for real. Like many ghost captures, it is compelling to watch and if this lost spirit still lingers behind, maybe more evidence will be recorded one day. How old this video actually is, still has people guessing.

The video is several years old, as it has been floating around the internet since 2015 at least. Some consider this to be one of the best captured ghosts on camera to date. If it is fake, then it was done pretty well. The subdued lighting and camera quality certainly adds to the atmosphere of this paranormal encounter scenario.

Ghost face in celling

When the father and son keep wandering through the ruins, there is a face seen a top of one room in the video footage. The face could be a painting of sorts, which was left behind. After this, a staircase can be seen. The stairs continue to wrap around in a spiral pattern inside of the building.

During the video, there are moments where whispering is heard and then the father says phrases like “Watch where you’re stepping man” and “Be quite.” The son says “Watch out guys.” One can only assume they are not alone, as they explored this location. Certainly, they got more than they bargained for when the ghost said “Pray for me.”

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