Alien plays with child on kitchen floor

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According to a report, an alien which appeared to be human-like was found and seen “playing” with a child age in Chile’s Atacama desert region. Apparently, this young boy named Benjamin was seen with this strange creature by his mother Silvia. She expressed her concern, when she witnessed a small skeleton-like being move quickly across her kitchen floor.

This rather unusual video shows what appears to be a tiny alien running across the floor and under the kitchen counter. It happens rather quickly, but shows something rather strange which exists. Many people do believe in sprites, fairies and brownies which roam throughout forests and other remote areas. Silvia mentions that this thing left behind a foul smell and an intense loss of power from her cellphone which she used to capture this back in 2011.


Of course the video footage seems suspicious as with most captured encounters, they are automatically deemed fake until further proven otherwise. Silvia claims her son was agitated from what happened this day. At her first glance, she thought this was nothing more than a field mouse. Field mice are rather common in this region. After seeing what was on the camera she freaked out.

This video was kept secret until now, as the family wishes to remain anonymous—but they desperately wanted some answers of what this thing is. This is not the first type of alien like this discovered as what is known as the Atacama skeleton was first found in Chile in 2003, it later would become part of a private collection in Spain.

Oscar Muñoz was the first person to discover a similar type tiny alien in a ghost town known as La Noria which is 56 kilometers from the interior of Iquique in the northern part of Chile. Muñoz later would go on to sell this strange skeleton to a local pub owner for 30,000 pesos. This pub owner then sold this skeleton to a Spanish businessman named Ramón Navia-Osorio, who is the current owner.

What makes this specimen so peculiar is the dimensions the small skeleton has. It is a mere 6 inches long (15 centimeters). This isn’t the only thing which seemed to perplex researchers, deformities seemed apparent. It however wasn’t clear if the skeleton is entirely human or not. Only 9% tested not human from a DNA test. This small skeleton had turricephaly which gives its head a cone-shaped appearance.

One speculation is this is the remains of a premature birth or miscarried fetus which were sometimes thrown into tar pits. Still though, it doesn’t explain why the one seen moving in Silvia’s video was alive. One other similar type skeleton was found in Russia from the Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblas region by a mentally ill woman named Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina. It was later known as Aleshenka.

Is it possible these rather majestic creatures move at different speed than we can see normally? Are they from a interdimentional gateway?

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