Pooches and poltergeists

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Can dogs and other animals see what we can’t? This topic has been debated by various paranormal experts however it makes some sort of sense. There have been numerous incidents which simply can’t be explained by common logic. Small children are believed to see more than adults do as well. Some think that their spirits haven’t been tainted by the ways of the world yet.

Essentially both animals and young children have more of a gift of spiritual sight than most. The exception would be those who legitimately possess some sort of psychic ability. Perhaps they are able to tap into their inner child to reach into the unknown.

With dogs, they have a heightened sense of smell, this gives them an advantage over us. It is also rather fascinating how animals know when the weather is about to change. Before great hurricanes and tsunamis strike, animals have been recorded panicking and acting very unusual. They don’t know what to do with this type of energy.


(Zoey the dog)

We do however seem to have a sixth sense about weather events and all things supernatural. Whether or not these are false alarms, people like dogs have different judgments about it. Animals will react irrationally, while we tend to simply dismiss things—whereas we should have listened to our gut instinct about it.

Ever notice how dogs will growl at some people? What else do they see by them or even within the person? Can they see spirits surrounding them? Some strangers will agitate animals even visiting a zoo or pet shop. Bad people attract bad energy.

People don’t understand that animals are capable of thoughts. They won’t think the same as humans but they do have heightened sense—which makes it easier for them to survive out in the wild. Mans best friend is here with us to give us comfort and even watch our backs in times of need. Dogs always seem to know when things change, even peoples moods and emotions.


There are many different breeds out there, some of course make better guardians than others. However all of them share one thing in common and that is love. They need lots of attention just like small babies and other creatures. The next time you see your dog barking just maybe it is seeing something that could really be there lurking in the shadows. This video shows a woman and her dog, there are even orbs floating around captured on camera while she sleeps. Her dog however takes notice.

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