Officers flee haunted house after devilish encounter

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Located in the country of Chile, a terrifying experience happened for several police officers recently. As they approached what appeared to be a residential building, they quickly became spooked after experiencing a paranormal encounter. When a group of militarized police entered this home, they were armed and ready for something else, expecting bad things to happen. The police received a call initially from a terrified household in Carabineros. The home is located in the southern city of Puerto Montt.

Puerto Montt Haunted Family House

When Police Sergeant Boris Olavarria arrived on the scene, he said:

“Upon arriving, we could observe that there were several broken windows and mattresses outside the house. The family told us that there had been paranormal activity. At first, it was strange, but once inside, I was questioning one of the owners when a trowel fell down from the attic.”

Olavarria said he was attacked personally while inside the home.

“I called upon the devil, telling him to get out of there and when I was leaving I felt a knife that grazed my back. Since I was wearing a bulletproof vest, I was able to avoid injury.”

Latina ghost

From what is known, the family reported seeing an unknown feminine silhouette, which they said was screaming. It made itself known, warning them to leave the residence. One guard mentioned that there was smoke around, yet nobody was inside of the building. No photographic evidence of any kind, was made available…yet the family insists what they witnessed was for real. They reported seeing objects lifting by itself and small fires starting burning within the home.

While interviewing the family from these alleged attacks, a reporter from a local media outlet there named Alexis Ruiz said…that she had suffered multiple paranormal type attacks—after spending time at the families home. It was unlike anything she had experienced before.

“During the time of the conversation, a sack of potatoes caught on fire. Then, a vase was thrown to the floor and later I was attacked with a kitchen utensil. One of my arms feels numb. I don’t know what the reason is, because I haven’t exerted myself. Inside, we felt strange, very exhausted, depressed.
It seemed that something was trying to prevent us from finishing the interview, our telephone signal was cut off without explanation.” Ruiz said.

Ruiz went on to say, that the interview was cut short after she experienced more “strange things” while talking with the family.

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