Paranormal Investigator Arrested After Firing Gun At Ghost

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A 25 year old man from Mansfield, Connecticut fired his handgun after allegedly seeing a ghostly entity. His name is Christian J. Devaux and claims to be a paranormal investigator.

Devaux stated, he doesn’t want to be considered “insane”. He was open minded enough, to consider the possibility that something supernatural was nearby him. When police arrived on the scene, they asked Devaux what he had seen.

Paranormal Investigator Arrested After Firing Gun At Ghost

Devaux was later charged with the illegal discharge of a firearm, along with giving false statement to police. Other charges cited, were second-degree reckless endangerment, misusing an emergency call and disorderly conduct.

While all of this is quite strange, the responses seemed odd by the police. The affidavit for his arrest, was made after Devaux previously dialed 911 back on July 26th of 2018. According to the report, a masked man wearing a hooded sweatshirt was holding a rifle.

Allegedly, someone had broken into Devaux’s home. While still on the phone with police dispatch, Devaux was heard yelling “Hey!”. Afterward, he fired several shots attempting to scare off this intruder.

When police arrived at Devaux’s home, there was no evidence found of a break-in at the scene. A dog was used to track for any scents. Nothing was found. Neighbors stated, that they did not hear or see anything suspicious on the morning of the incident. The only thing heard, were two gunshots fired by Devaux.

After further investigation by police, they claimed his story literally had holes in it. Several rounds struck the lower part of a wall, leaving holes behind. The distance of these holes were from the floor was around 3 feet. Other inconsistencies in Devaux’s story, include shell casings left behind that were in front of where he fired his gun. When further questioned about the incident, Devaux said he couldn’t explain it including the ghost sighting.

Devaux explained he has been a paranormal investigator for five or six years. His most recent encounter with the paranormal, was when he went to the former Mansfield Training School and Hospital. He told police he didn’t want to be considered “insane”.

He wants to keep an open mind about all of this and allow for the possibility that this alleged intruder was of supernatural origin. When police told Devaux nothing had been found in his home, they were in agreement that nothing was there.

Devaux mentioned it had to be a ghost. This wasn’t the first incident involving Mr. Devaux, previously he made a similar report back in 2011. A phantom home invader, seemingly was bothering him. No evidence was found in that incident either. Devaux was released later after posting $5,000 bond. He will appear in Vernon Superior Court on September 11th.

Questions remain whether or not Devaux really did see something both times or if he really is being haunted by something. Cases like this are quite unusual. The court system handles things accordingly.

(Source: Journal Inquirer)

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