Famous Barton Mansion ghost encounter

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This particular encounter has raised some questions to whether or not it is actually real. It seems silly that these people would run away from such a paranormal encounter. This location is known for such high spiritual activity. It certainly makes you ponder why these fools would be so quick to leave. Of course something like this would be terrifying, but if it is an actual ghostly spirit captured on video, what an amazing find it would be.


This captured video happened back during the fall of 2001. Something compelled them to buy a new video camera. Matt, Tanya and Cody decided to venture into a well known haunted area. It was the most horrifying experience they had ever had. It was September the 18th, 2001. They went to a town known as Redlands located in California. This area is known for its history to the Inland Empire being relating to the citrus industry. Scattered are numerous Victorian houses and many orange trees.


The Barton Mansion is known for paranormal activity. Being ever so curious, they decided to video this mansion which has been around for many years. They didn’t want to attract much attention, but they certainly may have after what they had seen inside. For the most part nothing was out of the ordinary until they went further inside and upstairs. At one point, they decided to split up to explore the home which is the oldest house in Redlands.

At first glance, they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until continuing into a small hallway. It had fixtures for a bathroom. After pausing for a moment, they heard something unusual. They were together as a group, and their hearts all stopped with panic and fear at what they actually had seen.

They noticed the word, “DIE” which was etched into the plaster wall along the stairway. After re-entering one of the rooms, one of them noticed something on the floor. It was difficult to see what it actually was. It could only be described as a circular pattern with some kind of red object in the center surrounded by stones. Something seemed off about this place, and it felt weird to all of them.


It seems quite strange the ghastly figure which appears, it is holding a lantern in its right hand. It is certainly creepy looking. Was it a ghost, demon or someone staying there? The eyes seems to be reflecting or glowing from the light shining for just a brief moment. Seeing something like this stepping out from the darkness would make anyone want to run away. This thing was around 7’5” tall. It is difficult to see anything in more detail as the figure appears only for a brief moment.

According to one opinion – they believe this isn’t fake. “I’ve watched my fair share of ghost videos and can just about spot a fake. The cliché form seems to make it seem like it would be fake, but think about this. There no leg or support to the ground and you hear no footsteps besides theirs. And it is way too choppy to edit that with a computer and have it come out that smooth.” Barton Mansion is an old house that is worn out, and is now used for satanic rituals by satanists and pagenists.

EDIT: I just noticed something, when they run away it retreats as well. But it goes in an upward motion. Nobody in a costume would be able to do that.
This is the ultimate Ghost Town, The Barton Mansion was built by Dr. Benjamin Barton. It originally was a ranch and vineyard, the house at one point was rather notorious for attracting squatters and hobos. Rumors of devil worship happened there as well. Perhaps an evil spirit was unleashed.


The Redlands Hillside Cemetery, is the oldest cemetery within the area. It dates back to the mid-late 1800′s, many people have reported strange happenings taking place here. For example, car horns have honked by themselves, lights reportedly have been seen blinking everywhere, balls have been thrown over the walls after somebody had thrown them in. Incorporated in 1886, two years before Redlands became a city, the Hillside Cemetery is now over 125 years old. The area has a haunted history indeed.

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