Man on holiday spots Welsh wight on video

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Paul with Welsh ghost

Wheedling away in the Welsh countryside near the village of Abersoch a ghostly figure is seen, while Paul Feehan replayed the video from his holiday getaway. The Welsh Wight appears in the background of his video. A pleasant retreat, this area is peaceful with nice views overlooking the stunning countryside. What may or may not have happened here is anyone’s best guess.

Clearly some sort of figure is seen in the background, as the camera pans over towards Paul. He claimed whatever this thing was, it was roughly 50 feet away from where he was sitting. However, he was not alone with someone else who captured everything the video. (Who this is still unknown…but a friend of Paul’s) Paul claims that they didn’t hear anything unusual, after he played back the video footage; he looked carefully examining the ghostly figure.

Welsh ghost

It seems to be a woman wearing some sort of Welsh folk dress. She also was wearing a hat and appeared to be dark gray colored. Sometimes spirits can linger behind trapped between worlds, not able to move forward. Did this ghostly woman once live in this area and was trying to communicate to Paul and his friend?

How haunting it would be at night seeing such a spirit wander through this meadow. Even in the daylight hours this ghost seems unsettling. One theory about her, is that she may have drown in the nearby pond. It could have been something as simple as tripping and falling, but maybe she was even murdered within this area as it is such a remote location.

Welsh ghost spotted by Paul

Paul said: ‘This is really, really, weird. There was nobody else in the area at the time. When we walked down to the lake we saw nobody.

‘I am absolutely positive that the place was deserted at the time and I have no explanation for what you see on the video. It was completely deserted. We heard nothing to suspect anybody else was near us.’

One man is so intrigued by this occurrence—that they have already tried to track down this location for sheer creepy tourist value.

There have been comments which include that this is nothing more than a cardboard cut out prop, perhaps spray painted. The person filming pans by several times then focuses on it at the end. One thing certainly strange is the wind is heard blowing yet the ghostly figure doesn’t appear to move at all.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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