Grandma catches ghosts having sex in her house

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Dianne Carlisle ghosts in Ohio home

It happened in Euclid, a city located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. This location, is northeast of Cleveland. It is here, where Dianne Carlisle witnessed along with her then 4 year old granddaughter Kimora, several ghostly apparitions engaged in sexual activity. She was watching television at the time and was spending time with her granddaughter.

Dianne Carlisle Cuyahoga County Ohio ghost sex

The only known photograph taken, shows a bedroom with the door open and a slightly distorted woman seen on the television screen. It seems that Diana was watching something on the USA network this day. She didn’t expect to see several ghosts having sex in the very next room. One wonders, what her granddaughter said about this. (Let’s hope grandma was discreet about what she said to her)

Ghosts having sex in Euclid Ohio

These visitations apparently began when Dianne moved to her Euclid home 12 years earlier. It was granddaughter Kimora, who took the photograph of the ghost couple having sex. Seen in the photograph, appears to be a man’s bare backside along with a woman’s legs and high heels still on. Grandma Dianne said, these ghosts need to be more discreet. This however isn’t the first time she has encountered ghostly activity.

Dianne said:

“It’s pretty strange to wake up, smelling breakfast on the stove, only to walk downstairs and see no one there. I’ve been down here watching TV and I would think, what I’m hearing in the kitchen is my youngest daughter running the water.”

For whatever different reasons, it seems that spirits are drawn to Dianne. Even some of her closest friends have experienced some sort of ghostly activity. Dianne reached some sense of fame, after being interviewed by affiliate station FOX 8. The television station, arranged later for Dianne to meet with a paranormal investigator from Northeast Ohio, named Mary Ann Winkowski.

Mary said:

“First of all, an earthbound spirit is the type of spirit that I can see and talk to, not the one’s that crossed over and went to heaven,” said Winkowski. “You have a woman here, her name is Marilyn. When she died she was 39-years-old, she is still 39-years-old.” Mary said in an unsettling twist, “Now, there is a man spirit here and I have to tell you, he is not a very nice man. This is very strange. He died in prison.”

Mary Ann Winkowski is believed to be able to send restless spirits onward into the afterlife. Dianne agreed to let these spirits go and later thanked Mary Ann for her help. It is unknown whether or not these two spirits were the same ones who were seen having sex. It may well could have been several other spirits. This residence seems to attract a lot of paranormal activity for whatever reason.

Mary Ann went on to say, “Who knows over the course of a year, two years, five years, who’s been in and out of this house.”

Since this story made news back in 2011, Dianne wished for peace and quiet in her home.

Dianne Carlisle ghosts having sex

Jokingly, Dianne said, “Unless you’re a ghost who can keep it clean. I ain’t got nothing else to do, you can hang out with me!”

Some ghostly activity continues inside her house she said.

“[My granddaughter, daughter and I] have grown with them around,” she said. “At times you get scared, like when you’re home alone and hear footsteps around and doors slam.”

But she said it extends Halloween’s creepy fun into the rest of the year.

“You never know what you’re going to get,” she said.

(Source: CBS Cleveland and Fox 8 Cleveland)

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