Weird Wolf-Like Creature Killed in Montana

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Whatever this thing is, it seems kind of different. Speculation is, this is a sickly bear cub. It however looks much different than a typical bear found in the wild. Known as dire-wolves, these prehistoric type carnivores, once roamed in North America. Other animals, such as the infamous sabre-toothed cat, were its closest competitor within the animal kingdom.

Strange Wolf-Life Creature Shot and Killed

If this is some kind of descendant such as a dire wolf, then likely it originated from that of a Armbruster’s wolf (Canis armbrusteri). These wolf remains, have been found mostly in the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits, located in Los Angeles.

The authorities from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department were amply called in several weeks ago to investigate this strange wolf looking creature. A local landowner living in Denton, reported that something was prowling around his property. No doubt, this animal was a predator searching for livestock around the area. The landowner shot the wolf, trying to protect his livestock. In Montana this is legal.

Strange Wolf-Life Creature Shot in Montana

Several officers from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, were dispatched to the scene. The body of the beast, was handled with care after being transported to the flatbed of a truck. The animal is clearly dead and its size is quite massive. There is a debate going on, whether or not this is an actual wolf.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, later released a statement about this unusual looking wolf creature. In their report, they make mention that this wolf ”candid” is female. She isn’t fully grown yet and is believed to be at this point, some kind of dog/wolf hybrid. People surely have their opinions about this, but some believe this is a small emaciated bear cub.

Strange Wolf-Life Creature Killed Montana

Perhaps this is some kind of dog/wolf hybrid but feelings are mixed. A number of people now think this is a direwolf of some kind. The beast is far larger than a typical type wolf. Because of this, the corpse is now being tested by a veterinarian who will examine its DNA.

Strange Wolf-Life Creature Shot in Montana Paw

Montana Fish and Wildlife Protection Sergeant Andersen, reported that the animal will undergo further testing. A positive ID is still being determined, until testing is concluded. The estimation is somewhere around a month, until it will be finally determined. Wolves are a fairly common animal found in the wild. Normally, they are not this large. A protection program has been set into place, to help keep the Grey wolf off the endangered species list.

Many eagerly await to learn what this wolf really is. Perhaps even, this is a new rare species that has been discovered.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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