I Was Scratched By The Dead

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This person only known as “Alli” decided to share their bizarre encounters, after being scratched by the dead a number of times. For whatever reason, they have stirred up a restless soul.

Thinking back upon their life they always thought there was something wrong with them. It was as if they had a mental illness of some sort. Alli always wondered if they were the only one who would see things differently.

They went on to say that both they along with their mother both believe in anything and everything paranormal related. After a while, they even began to suspect a ghost was haunting their farm home.

It started one day and then continued on. Several unexplained and rather creepy things started to happen to them. Alli would look around in different random places, they felt like they were being watched by something. Soon enough, they even started to see things move around by themselves. 

Alli explained that long ago, she met an elderly woman who lived at their home. Apparently, her husband died here. The old woman later left as she couldn’t continue living here anymore. So, she put the place on the market for sale. Curiously, both the mother and daughter decided to track the old woman down, as they had questions for her. To their surprise, the old woman died.

It wasn’t long before more strange things began to happen to them. They have two dogs along with a cat. They noticed scratching sounds coming from outside their door. At first, they thought nothing of it as Alli thought this was one of her animals. However, there was nothing there. 

She was puzzled by this. After a while, she then heard her mother coming from downstairs. Alli asked her whether or not she noticed their dog around inside the house. Her mother replied “no”. After wandering around outside, all the animals were vast asleep on their pato.

One other time, Alli was sitting in her room. The door had been closed for what seemed like hours. Nothing else was around that she could see. She explained that her door would sometimes creak open by itself. 

Remember this is an old farmhouse after all. She also heard sounds coming from the door to the bathroom. It would then slam by itself shut. This happened as her mother was also there. They both looked at one another in disbelief. Even a mark was made upon the wall, from the impact of the door handle after being opened and shut so hard.

Alli had both of her dogs inside her room with her. Most of the time they are not allowed inside. But this evening, things were different. Her dogs began to freak out upon this one night. Rocky the dog was barking very loudly.

At first, Alli believed a mouse or something was wandering around inside her closet. She brushed the pile of clothes lying there aside and then discovered an old helmet she had as a kid. She picked it up and then moved it towards Rocky.

The dog then whimpered and backed away suddenly. She moved the dog closer again and Rocky wouldn’t go anywhere near the closet anymore. Alli thought this was strange behavior by her dog. Time passed a bit until one morning Alli woke up with a long stretch of black across her stomach. It looked like a bruise of some sort. Her mother believed the mark to be from a dress Alli had on the night before. Only it wouldn’t wash off. 

One early Saturday morning, Alli woke up and something compelled her to glance over towards a nearby mirror. She described her mind being “gone”, it was as if her brain was taken out. She was spaced out it seemed and confused. When Alli glanced over towards the mirror, her eyes began to widen. Then she noticed on her neck, three deep red scratch marks. They appeared to be like nails.

I Was Scratched By The Dead

At first glance, they just appeared to be marks made from sheets. Only these scratch marks were bumpy by appearance as well. Alli explained she doesn’t even sleep on her side where this marks were made. All of this was a mystery to her. 

She told her mom what happened and after a few hours she put a bandage over the scratches. Even stranger was what happened a few hours later. The scratch marks were magically gone.

Did Alli experience something supernatural or did she inflict the marks upon herself from mental delusions? Perhaps the couple that once lived here didn’t want Alli or her mother there. It is unknown whether or not they still live here but most people would leave such a place.

(Source: Gods and Monsters)

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