Grave robbing for morons

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In this eerie video dubbed “Grave robbing for morons”, a young man explains how to actually rob a grave. Apparently this video has been floating around online for quite some time. Nobody knows the identity of this guy and what he says is pretty creepy as well. His mission it seems is to blatantly rob the dead of their belongings from this world.

He has no respect for authority and seems to be getting some kind of kick out of explaining what to do. Perhaps this is another form of an adrenaline junkie. Whatever this guys deal is, he certainly has some issues. Whether or not he was buried himself is another story all together. Poetic justice perhaps. The quality of the video is that of a dubbed VHS copy.

Low end things like this were passed around back in the 1980’s especially during parties and between “close friends”. It was until the 1990’s when more of these type videos started turning up including snuff films. These take things a step further showing actual people dying while being filmed. People then in turn pay real life money to vote how they die or get copies of videos etc.


This video is rather sinister in its intentions as well, the guy explaining the process seems to stutter a few times while he talks about things. He seemed quite excited about it. The entire video lasts for 27 minutes with this guy wearing a leather jacket explaining how exactly to do this. The video lasts for a while when he continues explaining things to his friend off camera.

What he did with the bodies is anyone’s best guess. But there are underworlds where satanic sacrifices and the occult use such things. The black marketplace is probably where many of these remains were turning up. Indeed this is the seedy side of life.

Is this guy another metal-head wasteoid? (Someone who is intoxicated on drugs and out of touch) Probably so….for the most part these things are unheard of. If anyone has any information about who this person is they can forward the information anonymously.

Grave robber

The stuttering sicko explains guides on how to break into cemeteries, take care of witnesses, how to groom corpses and he shows skulls from his collection. The skulls he displays seem to be genuine and unbleached. This guy also mentions how to dispose of any witnesses which were around. More about the video explains him even robbing the grave of Houdini himself the great magician. This mysterious guy to date still hasn’t been identified. This truly is strange, if you want to cringe watch the video below.

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