Truck driver’s wife abducted by aliens in Michigan

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People sometimes lose track of time. Quite typically, they get involved with something and time simply passes by quickly for them. This can be from a conversation or from a fast paced job as an example. However, there are blocks of time, which simply go unanswered for.

The reason for this, can be explained as random people have been abducted by extraterrestrial entities. The term “abduction phenomenon” describes claims of non-human creatures—who kidnap individuals and temporarily remove them from their surroundings. The abductee, typically experiences forced medical examinations and doctoring by some sort of alien species—during the lost time period.

Perhaps one of the most compelling cases of an alien abduction such as this, dates back to the year 2012, when truck driver Scott Murray from Michigan—one day received a phone call from his wife Elizabeth. She was completely distraught while talking with him. At first, she believed she was drugged and raped initially.

Scott decided to take his wife Elizabeth to the emergency room at the hospital, where they examined her. Scott believed that his wife simply had a bad dream and was worked up over it. There was no sign of rape trauma found.

However, there was a strange burn mark on her right shoulder, that previously wasn’t there. The very next day, Scott went outside into the garden. He then discovered four strange burn markings on the grass. They appeared to be in a circular type of a pattern. When Scott looked up, he noticed a nearby tree had leaves which were burnt away to a crisp.

Alien abduction at night

These branches were estimated to be about 20 feet high. The following week, Scott took his wife to hypnotic regression therapy. It was then, that she recalled being taken into a spaceship of some sort. She underwent experimentation by some type of extraterrestrials as she remembered the traumatic experience.

alien abduction

As time passed, Scott’s wife increasingly became paranoid and terrified over the incident. Unfortunately, one day when Scott returned home, he found his wife Elizabeth laying down dead. It was absolutely devastating for him.

Scott Murray went on to explain, he has three children now all grown up. He has been a truck driver since he was 22 years old and has enjoyed being on the open road. What he and his wife dealt with is an extraordinary phenomenon.

Many skeptics argue that the alien abduction phenomenon, is nothing more than someone experiencing vivid dreams occurring during sleep paralysis. Perhaps this might be true, but nobody knows this to be fact yet and many details people recall are quite specific. It truly makes someone wonder, if people are telling the truth or have an overactive imagination.

Scott was desperate for answers. He sent away samples of the burnt grass from his property, to a local college. They later told him, that they were radiation burn marks. In a complete reversal of statements, the college then contacted him, mentioning that these were not radiation burn markings but something else. Scott believes that whoever he was talking with, were told to change their statement for a reason. Maybe this is just another cover up conspiracy.

(Source: UFO Casebook)

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