Mannequin People Followed Us Home

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Several friends shared their brief story, explaining how they were coming back home but were followed by the unimaginable. It is unknown where exactly this allegedly took place but several friends believe what they had seen. 

The two of them were wandering down the road after a long night of playing video games with others. It was late and likely around 2:00 to 3:00 AM. Both of these lads lived close by one another. 

They continued to pass down the street. Understandably, this particular location is quite dark at night. Often the two of them wander down this same street. However, upon this one night there was something out there unimaginable. Both of them glanced over to see what resembled a dark colored jeep which was heading their direction. 

Things really became weird as the friends looked up to see what resembled several people sitting in the front of the vehicle. However, this wasn’t the case at all. The passengers both appeared to have blank emotionless faces. The two friends then stepped closer to see that these were not people but what resembled to be mannequins. 

Mannequin People Followed Us

Both of them couldn’t believe what they had seen. It was like something from out of a movie. One of the lads then explained how much this frightened them. They quite literally were shaking as they shared their story online.

There were two other mannequin people in the back of this jeep as well. It was both creepy and unlike anything they had ever seen before. They explained how these mannequin people looked over their way with an empty soulless stare. 

These things had no emotions and were not made of flesh. They were synthetic and manufactured looking. One of the friends asked the other about what they had just seen. They were scared out of their minds. Both of them ran back home as fast as they could. 

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