Mother snaps photo of ghostly girl

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Incredibly a 30 year old mother of two photographed what appears to be a ghostly little girl. This recently happened at the Glasgow Riverside Museum located in Scotland. While she was there with her children—she was wandering around and was taking photographs of interesting things. This certainly was more than she bargained for.

The ghostly girl appears to be in the left corner of the photo. She is seen waving almost as if she was saying hello. While in the room where the photograph was taken, only her and her nine year old son Owen were around. She couldn’t believe what she captured. Louise Murphy is the ladies name and she is now a believer in the spirit world.

Louise is from Carlisle, Cumbria and said: “It definitely looks like a young girl to me. Some people have said it was a little boy, but it appears like it was wearing a dress with flowers on it”.

ghostly girl at glasgow riverside museum

Louise said the photos that were taken before (the ghost one) you can see a mist forming around at the bottom of the photograph. It seemed like this dissipated shortly after but before it seemed like the mist was forming into something. This is a sign of some sorts from beyond the grave. She truly believes this is a paranormal moment which was captured on camera. The rumor is there was a little girl who died in the area many years ago, perhaps this is her.

Many believe there are trapped spirits that linger behind with unfinished business on Earth. Perhaps their soul is restless and lost here with us until it can move on. Louise asked her friend who was with her about it. He said he wasn’t sure exactly what it is but it looks like a genuine apparition.

Louise Murphy ghost photo

The comments she has received about it have been both positive and negative. Many feel this is nothing more than photo shopped photo. But others do believe she has captured something very special with her Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. The photo was take on February 20th, 2016. Louise claims she doesn’t even know how to use Photoshop.

What does make this rather fascinating is the clarity of the photo. This is perhaps one of the easiest to see ghostly entities captured to date. If this is what many think, then it is really significant in what we know about our existences.

The Riverside Museum in Glasgow

The Riverside Museum in Glasgow.

At this museum they have a Victorian-themed village with shops around which you can even walk through. It was inside of here where the ghost photo was taken. At the time, there wasn’t anything unusual around. No special lighting or mirrors used. She proclaims this is the real deal.

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